I’m going to Edinburgh Fringe this year!

I have been to Edinburgh for Hogmanay and a couple of smaller visits as part of wider trips to Scotland but this year I am determined to make it for The Fringe Festival.

IMG_0530 Every year I say I will make it up to this extra special city for a time of comedy, drama and music, but somehow things get in the way, hotel prices increase and before you know it, it’s winter again and the drama has stopped for another year.

Edinburgh is a city I have visited several times before, but I still feel like I barely know it. Each time there was a set plan a rigid agenda and I didn’t get to relax and wander around the city like I would usually do in a new place.


This August when I visit Edinburgh, I have no fixed agenda but there are plenty of things I hope to see while I am there.

  • Catch at least one comedy show at The Fringe
  • Watch another random, ‘one to watch’, newcomer show at The Fringe
  • Stay in a lovely, central, relaxing hotel
  • Walk along the cobbled streets stopping by quirky cafes and tasty restaurants
  • Try a battered mars bar. I can’t believe I haven’t done this yet!
  • Shop! Well it would be rude not to right?!
Do you have any tips of what to do in Edinburgh or any shows you would recommend at The Fringe?

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