What do your holiday habits say about you?

When I was asked by Barcelo to create a post to share their latest survey results I was mostly intrigued to see what the results showed.

They surveyed over 1000 people on their different holiday habits, from where they like to stay, how they choose their holiday and where they like to save money.

Unsurprisingly there were both regional differences and age differences, but certain areas were surprisingly similar.

You can see all the results on Barcelo’s Travel Insights page, but here a few of my favourite findings.

The younger generation are more likely to use online methods to research their holidays

Blogs, Tripadvisor, social media… we youngsters (I’m including myself in this even if I am over 30 these days) find all our holiday information online. Whether it is asking on social media, using blogs (like this one, hint hint:)) or comparison websites, we rarely if ever use holiday agents any more. How times are a changing!

Sunshine is paramount

The weather is our number one priority when picking a holiday destination, no surprises there! Getting away from our infamous rain is always important.

Most people holiday for a week

The majority of people head away on holiday for 5-7 days. I imagine if they had interviewed bloggers and digital nomads in this group then the number would be quite a lot higher. But though I may live in a little digital nomad bubble at times, with friends flitting here there are everywhere every day of the month (almost) it seems the normal long weekend of week’s holiday is currently here to stay.

So I guess most of their findings were to be expected, at least they were for me. Check out the full research in the link above and see if there is anything that came as a surprise for you.

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