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As you can see from the title this post is sponsored by Visit Dublin. Though I try not to accept too many sponsored posts, as it takes away from what I really want to write about, this video made me chuckle and I love Dublin so it seemed like a no brainer.

With a stepmum from Dublin, a brother who is half Irish and a best mate who lived there for two years it really is like another home and I have visited this fine city a few times over the years and always had ‘a good craic’ as they say.

So first watch this funny video, quite possibly the ‘second best video in the world’ and then read on to find out my five top reasons for visiting this part of Ireland.

  1. Coppers

Not sure I should admit to this being a reason for visiting but if you are after a fun cheese night out, Coppers (also known as Copper Face Jacks) is the place to go. You’re guaranteed to meet lots of friendly Dubliners inside (really you meet friendly Dubliners everywhere!), who will give you a swirl on the dance floor, buy you a Guinness or have a random chat about anything.


  1. The locals

They don’t get their name for being friendly folks for nothing. Everywhere you go you will be met with a smiley face and someone who is willing to start up a random conversation with you. Buy them a Guinness and they will chat and tell you fun stories for hours

  1. Temple Bar

Often filled with stag and hen dos if you go midweek this can be a fun relaxed place to spend an afternoon. Filled with pubs and restaurants, the old buildings make for lovely photos and the hearty Dublin food will warm you up on a cold winter’s day.

  1. The Guinness Factory

Despite all my talk of Guinness I am not actually a fan of the thick black stuff myself (shh don’t tell the family), however I was a fan of the Guinness Factory. Shaped like a Giant glass of Guinness on the inside it is a fun interactive museum and once you get to the top you can enjoy a pint of the black stuff yourself while looking out over the city in their 360 panorama bar.

  1. The nearby beaches

Unintentionally my first four seem to have included alcohol, though the Irish are partial to a drink, there is much more to Ireland than Guinness. Within an hour of London there are 8 amazing beaches to visit. Many just a short train ride or drive out of the city.

Image from Visit Dublin
Image from Visit Dublin

So have I sold it to you? Or has the second best video in the world made you desperate to visit Dublin?

Do you have any other top reasons to visit Dublin?

This post was sponsored by Tourism Ireland, though all words are my own (except those in the video).

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