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My Ultimate Winter Travel Wishlist

We all moan and groan about the colder months, but secretly I think we all love the idea of snuggling in front of the fire with a good book and hot cup of chocolate. Or perhaps a weekend away in a big grand hotel in the countryside with more warm fires and wrapping up warm for walks through small towns and villages.

I love the feeling of Autumn leaves crunching underfoot, adding extra layers to feel cosy in the cold or even better pounding through the snow on a true cold white winter’s day.

Autumn walks through leaves

My Ultimate Winter Travel Wishlist

Skiing somewhere new

Though I am a bit obsessed with The Three Valleys in France I am really keen to try somewhere new this season. I have done Austria and various other parts of France but this season we’re considering Bulgaria. I’ve heard mixed reviews but my pal Neil over at Backpacks and Bunks gives it a pretty positive report.

Sun out for our first day on the slopes

For tips on becoming a better skier, I highly recommend this guide I reviewed on The Bluffers Guide to Skiing

Relaxing at a luxury UK spa

I don’t mind the occasional hostel or bargain bucket holiday, but what I really love is some luxury. Doesn’t everyone? I have been meaning to book myself and perhaps Mama into a gorgeous spa for a weekend and what better time than on a cold winter’s day? A relaxing afternoon pampering yourself indoors, perhaps with a glass of wine, as the rain lashes down outside sounds just perfect.

Spa hotel in Poland

Getting some winter sun

Don’t we all want a bit of sunshine over winter? Earlier this year I headed to Dubai, which isn’t one of my favourite places and the year before that it was Egypt but this year I would love to get somewhere further afield. I am considering returning to Sri Lanka or India for some sunshine and culture. I Love India so much and despite spending 2.5 months there I am desperate to return. By far my favourite winter sun spot though had to be my trip to the Seychelles two years ago. Perfect beaches, cocktails and so much sunshine!

La Digue Beach, Seychelles

Dog Sledging… again!

This was possibly one of the best experiences of my life! Dog sledging in Norway was a dream that came true last January. I would love to return again this season, perhaps somewhere new or even back to visit the gorgeous dogs I met last time.

husky dog

For a few more crazy winter ideas check out these spooky castle hotels from Durex.

(Durex sponsored me to write this post but I was going to write something similar anyway so I hope you don’t mind? A blogger’s got to make a living and their ideas are pretty cool!)

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  1. Try Vermont – There are some excellent places to enjoy skiing and good food too (and it isn’t too far from Boston).

    1. Oo good plan. I have always wanted to try skiing in Canada or America. As with everything over there I hear the slopes are huge and never ending. Perhaps it would be expensive though?

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