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There are a few standard questions that you get asked by EVERYONE when travelling… the first ‘where are you from?’ Now as time has gone on I have got bored of this one so have taken to making up a different answer every time. But then there are other questions I never get bored of,  where have you been? And where was your favourite?’ I can literally talk about this for hours and I am sure I am going to bore my friends half to death with my ‘when I was travelling…’ stories when I return home later this month.

But just to save my voice I am going to blog about my favourite! Well obviously it is not easy, different countries are good for different things and depending what you are looking for hopefully the below choices will give you an idea of where to go for parties, chilling, culture or whatever else you might be after.

Best country for… trekking

Without a shadow of a doubt it has to be Nepal. Trekking to Everest Base Camp was bloody hard work but the views, my friends and the sense of crazy achievement made it so worth it. I definitely hope to return for more Himalayan mountain climbing one day soon. Whether it’s a short day hike in national parks or a month of solid hiking, Nepal has it all!

Spectacular views

Best country for… when you’re feeling homesick

In November I had a very expensive 2 week detour from Asia to Australia and do I regret it? Not at all… a chance to spend time with expat friends and Aussie people I have met travelling was just what I needed. The regular supply of baked beans and wine that didn’t taste like 30 year old vinegar meant I put on a few pounds but enjoyed every ounce of my favourite tasty western treats.

Cake and friends

Best country for… chilling on the beach

Ok this is a toughy, I would probably go with Sri Lanka, if you are after a 2 week break somewhere with culture and perfect sandy beaches Sri Lanka is a great holiday destination and you won’t feel out of place chilling in your bikini on the long stretches of palm tree filled beaches. But watch out for falling coconuts.

Palm tree filled beaches

Best country for… partying.

Well this is easy… clearly Thailand comes out top, as I come to the end of 10 days solid partying in Koh Phangan I couldn’t really choose anywhere else. Fire breathing, bucket drinking, drunken dancing, hottie counting and fun with friends the Thai people certainly know how to party. In fact… maybe I should stay a bit longer?!

Preparing for Full Moon

Best country for… volunteering.

Ok this is a toughy and not sure I actually have an answer, I have loved all my volunteering roles around Asia, each one has brought a new challenge, new friends and incredible memories I will treasure forever. So best country for volunteering…? Everywhere, there is always someone or something looking for help and you will have the best time in return.

Christmas tree making in Bali

Best country for… everything.

Ok so I lied it is easy to decide on a favourite… whether it is because it was early on in my trip and so everything was still new and exciting, or because I spent the longest time there so really got to know it or because I stayed with my friend’s family so had a real insight into the culture … one thing is certain. India is the BEST! It has it all, white sandy beaches, Himalayan trekking, desert lands, friendly people, So much culture and the best food I have tasted since mum’s roast dinner. India I love you and will be returning soon.

Temples in Leh

What were your favourite countries and why?

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  1. Damn Straight India is the best country and does have it all!! I’ve been going there every year since i was just 6 months old, i’ve worked there, lived there and all i can say is India has never disappointed in impressing, challenging, annoying, intriguing, surprising or spellbinding me!

  2. Oh and p.s. i notice your pic for India is the temples at Leh you didn’t bother trekking up to go and see…Temple Grump!!

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