The Girl Who Played with Fire

Don’t you just love those unexpected nights of pure brilliance? You plan on a chilled one, a couple of drinks, see where the night takes you and BAM before you know it the buckets are out, your dancing feet won’t stop moving and the fun never ends … well eventually at 4pm the next day.

NO I wasn’t on drugs, just Thailand Buckets filled with alcohol and red bull … and not just any old red bull some lethal purer stuff than what we get back home and it is sure to wake you from the most sober of moods and turn your night around for the long haul.

Buckets of fun

This night wasn’t just about getting my dancing groove on the beach, while sipping the delights of Koh Phangan’s buckets but was also all about my time to shine playing with FIRE!

I have always been mesmerised by fire throwers and spinners and after seeing a couple of girls from Australia do it in Koh Jum it has become one of my next goals to try and learn myself. But to start off last night I thought I would see just how well I cope being close to fire.

Fire spinners

First came fire breathing … yes I was momentarily Jenny the fire breathing dragon and it was bloody fun… and remarkably easy! The lighter fuel in your mouth doesn’t taste quite as horrific as you would expect..  My friends thought I was a maniac, but I definitely earned their respect when I succeeded without singing my already burnt looking red mop of curls.

About to blow... (trying to upload video but currently not being very successful)

After my success at fire breathing it was Fire Limbo time. I was never a limbo champion, but thought I would give it a go and never being one to do things ‘normally’ I opted for doing the limbo on someone’s back… just to make things a little more interesting.


Well I am pleased to report that my varying techniques of balancing on his shoulders or back meant that we won the couples limbo, no one else made it quite as low as us … and I didn’t get burned … so thankfully am not ‘The Girl with the ‘fire’ tattoo’ and instead just someone having safe (ish) fun with flames… Phew!

Not so easy

Here is to more fire fun in 2012, will let you know if I ever master the fire spinning.

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