The Songs of Koh Phangan NYE 2012

You may have noticed me constantly tweet about a particular song that takes me back to the fun times drinking buckets and dancing on the beaches of Koh Phangan.

‘Waaaooo sometimes, I got a good feeling’

Nothing is guaranteed to lift my spirits more than this song playing on the radio. It was the song of the season in Haad Rin, the Koh Phangan party town, and was played on average every 20 minutes (not even exaggerating), blaring out from Cactus Bar as we watch crazy people play with fire while supping our buckets.

Red bull fuelled buckets

It doesn’t take long to realise there are a total of about seven songs that are played on loop in most of the bars. The first night I moaned every time the same song came on … ‘AGAIN?!’ … but the next night I was complaining if they dared to detour from the top songs of the moment. Any random deviations to something new or old that wasn’t part of ‘the list’ and my mood left as I waited for one of the right songs to return.

Dancing on mass

Whether you love to hate them, or hate to love them, anyone who spent any time in Thailand around New Year 2012 will not be able to deny that these songs instantly take you back to those incredible non-stop dancing, hot man snogging, Thai Red Bull drinking nights of pure craziness in Thailand.

Were these the songs of NYE 2012 all over the world? What memories do they evoke for you?

Have I forgotten any?

Laters folks… It’s time for me to dance

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