50 Cities and their amazing nicknames

I don’t normally share these kinds of infographics, but this one I really liked… mainly because I was amazed how few I actually knew the answer to. I assumed I would get 50 out of 50, but nope, I barely got half. It’s a bit of a lesson in what cities are known for too, as their name is often linked with their main characteristic.

Let me know how you get on and if you beat my score of 31/50. I think I might try it again to increase that measly score.

There are thousands of cities in every single country in the world and all of them have their official names that they are known by. The biggest of these cities are much loved by both their residence and travellers paying them a visit and have a certain set of characteristics or quirks that make them unique.

Some of the larger and more popular destinations have garnered loving nicknames over time, cities like New York (The Big Apple) or Paris (The City Of Love). However, did you know that there are hundreds of cities that have collected nicknames through the years? Some are easy to remember and make complete sense to anyone that’s stepped foot in cities themselves, some are a little more unusual and may make sense only to the history buffs of the world.

To test your knowledge and to find out if you are as well travelled as you think, European car hire company, Autoclick, have put together this fun quiz to test how much you know about the biggest cities in the world. Can you correctly match up the city with its famous nickname? Have a go and see how many you can get right!

I was asked to share this post and paid a small amount to share it, but only accept posts I think my audience will enjoy.

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