How to book a dream beach holiday, on a budget!

For many people, a holiday is all about relaxation, sun, sea and sand. But going on a *dream* beach holiday can be pretty pricey. Here are some tips to help you get where you want to go, for less!

How to book a dream beach holiday, on a budget!

Package holidays

One way to secure a great holiday for less is to buy your travel and accommodation together. Cheap summer package holidays are perfect for those who want to achieve their dream beach vacation even with limited budget. By packaging all components of a holiday together, tour operators are able to sell at a discount, benefiting you, the holidaymaker. Many tour operators will also have dynamic packaging facilities, so you’ll have more choice on your flights, hotel and resort. They may even add in extras like a hire car for a reduced rate – or even for free!

La Digue, Seychelles
Get online

The Internet makes it very easy to compare prices for different resorts, holiday packages and flights. Dedicated sites allow you to search for the best rates at the destination you want to go to. It is also a good idea to sign up for newsletters and travel alerts from online retailers, as these will typically include details of special offers, including beach holidays.

How to book a dream beach holiday, on a budget! Hammock on the beach


The general rule for securing the best deal on a holiday is to book early or late. If you know where you want to go, get in as early as possible for the best rates. Prices also drop closer to departure as tour operators look to fill up their hotels and flights. You may not get a deal on a specific location, but if you’re flexible with your plans you should be able to make some decent savings.

Accommodation options

Typically – along with the flight – the largest expense on any holiday is accommodation. Finding savings on where you stay can really reduce the cost of your beach holiday. While a hotel room right on the beach is appealing, you will pay a premium. Look at hotels a few streets back. You’ll still be able to walk to the beach, but your room is likely to be significantly cheaper. Another option is to rent a self-catering apartment so you can control what – and how much you spend on – you eat.

How to book a dream beach holiday, on a budget! Not too far from the beach

There are many ways to save money on your holiday. Use the options above to make sure that even on a limited budget you can get the beach vacation of your dreams! And before you know it you’ll be lying on the beach, feeling the warm sun and listening to the gentle lapping of the ocean bliss.

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