How to Scavenger Hunt your way around a new city

It’s been a mad few weeks folks, I left my job in London a few weeks ago only to start immediately working virtually full time at Basilia, mum and Tim’s deli cafe. This isn’t the long term plan but it was high time the family got a holiday so off they ‘roared’ to Lyon and then Cornwall, while I took control at the shop. It’s hard work but together with a brilliant staff team we survived, selling many an afternoon tea and raspberry stack cake… and eating the odd one too 🙂 More on this side of my life later…


On top of all this I have tweeted, instagramed and blogged my way around Copenhagen, as you may have noticed from some of my more recent blog posts. Most excitingly I was recently named DENMARK”S BLOGGER OF THE YEAR by Visit Denmark, for my work on our trip around Copenhagen. Eeee 🙂

I really did have the best weekend, a mixture of great friends, tasty food, new sites to see and lots of adventure! The weekend was with Go Visit Denmark who chose four bloggers to visit Copenhagen for a fun filled scavenger hunt around the city. I must admit I was a little overwhelmed to say the least when I saw the HUGE list of things we had to find, photograph, tweet… Where would I begin?!


Well as Maria in The Sound of Music says ‘let’s start at the very beginning’ and so we did arriving into Copenhagen and snapping away as we saw ‘The quirkiest bike in Copenhagen’ ‘A Danish viking’ The clues were everywhere and it made us so much more aware of everything around us, hunting out the best that Copenhagen has to offer.

I really LOVED the weekend and now want to recreate a scavenger hunt everywhere I go.


It was so much more fun than being shipped from tourist spot to tourist spot, seeing the exact same things everyone else sees without anything new. The best bit was that the four bloggers on the trip each saw things from different angles, portrayed their findings in different ways, picked different clues to focus on and each wrote about the city in different ways.


So how do YOU create a scavenger hunt in your next travel destination? Well I didn’t make this one, but here are my top tips on how to create your own, which is what I plan to do in my next city…

  1. You really need to get your friends involved, if you are going with a group then each come up with 5 clues or things to do in the city to add to the list.
  2. If you know anyone who has been to your location before, or better still lives there, get them to come up with a few clues for their favourite things to do, sites to see and places to eat. 
  3. Search for quiz questions on your chosen destination, there may be some good questions where the answer is the perfect hotspot to visit.
  4. Think of topical areas, such as eating, drinking, museums and focus your scavenger list on each of these topics.
  5. Think of a few general things you could do in any city. e.g tallest building, tastiest cocktail, smily local etc.
  6. Most importantly… have fun! Don’t take it too seriously, this is a way to get you chatting with the locals, noticing things you might not normally see and documenting your trip in a fun and exciting way.

Get scavenging people and please do share your scavenger lists with us.

Thanks to Go Visit Denmark for a brilliant scavenger hunt.

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    1. It is a fun way to see the city. Gets you thinking a bit more creatively and you spot things you might not normally notice. Let me know if you try it anywhere.

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