The books I read in February 2016

Month two of this year’s reading challenge and I have moved the goalposts. I have decided to increase my challenge from a book a week to 6 books a month, which would be a total of 72 books this year… if I manage it.

That said I have marginally fallen behind and finished my 6th book a few days behind schedule and then posted this blog up weeks behind schedule, sorry team! I’m sure I can catch up?! Right, tell me the shortest and best books you’ve ever read in the comments! 😉

So here are last month’s reads… quite a variety.

Book I read in February. She Gets Around

Walking Back to Happiness – Lucy Dillon

I know I said I was going to read less ‘easy reads’ but this book’s description was too fabulous to not. All about a girl who survives through heart ache and sadness by starting to walk the dogs of many people in her local area. I’m still tempted to become a dog walker myself.

If you’re a regular reader you will already know I am a little obsessed with all things canine, especially my family dog, Baxter the Legend, so this book left me with that feel good feeling that a good chic lit should do.

My life on the Road – Gloria Steinem

Wow! I can’t quite believe I hadn’t heard of this woman before reading her book. This was the first book for Emma Watston’s new online book club and I can see why. A cult icon in America, Gloria Steinem has devoted her life to campaigning on various aspects of women’s rights,

The book includes many crazy stories from famous celebrities and politicians in America and some crazy snippets of information that will be sure to shock.

Though the book is very America focused in it’s outlook and examples, Gloria makes some poignant points that are still relevant today. Worth a read if you’re interested in the feminist movement, American politics or just want a nosy into a very interesting lady’s life.

Gloria Steinem, My life on the road

A year of Marvellous Ways – Sarah Winman

I’ve seen this book in the shops for a while and the title certainly grabbed my attention. A page or two into the book and you realise it isn’t what the title might suggest. However it is still a magical story of dreams lost and realised, love lost and found and how you’re never too old for a new adventure.

books I read in February

No Baggage – Clara Benson

A true story, an awesome adventure. A book of love, dating and travelling Eastern Europe without any bags. Clara met xx on OkCupid and within a month they had agreed to travel across Turkey and the Balkans for three weeks together with nothing but the clothes on their backs and whatever they could fit in their pockets or a very tiny handbag.

I loved the idea behind this true story and hope one day I can have a similar crazy adventure.

Alone in Antarctica – Felicity Aston

Another true story about a crazy adventure, but this one somewhat crazier than Clara’s. Felicity is a woman of strength, of ambition and of more guts than most people I know. I mean who decides to ski solo across the Antarctic? Felicity does and proves that we can really achieve anything we set our minds to.

All you need to do is ‘get out of the tent’!

Everything I Never Told You – Celeste Ng

I’m not sure if this counts as the kind of book I wouldn’t normally read as it is a kind of murder mystery but also about family, love and race, which might be closer to my typical read. An interesting look into the life of a Chinese-American family in 1970’s America, it was unpredictable and in parts oddly relatable despite not being American or Chinese myself.

So what’s on the list for next month?

bookcase books

Now wouldn’t that be telling! Fingers crossed I can catch up!

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