5 Free Virtual Book Clubs to join right now

A virtual book club is exactly what I need right now, the problem is choosing which one to join?!

I’m actually finding it weirdly difficult to read at the moment… and I don’t think I am the only one! With all this extra time at home I thought my reading pile would be shrinking at an almost daily rate, but somehow I’ve only managed to finish one book over the last couple of weeks.

A combination of too much time scrolling the news or staring into space, alongside days of not always being my most productive and so work continuing into the evening, means reading hasn’t gone so well. I’m determined to change that though. I have a HUGE pile of books to read and need the motivation to read them. Hopefully a book club or two will help!

5 Free Virtual Book Clubs to join

Here are a few you could join, you could even switch it up and join a different one each week, fortnight, month… depending on who is reviewing the best books.

Emma Gannon’s The Hyphen Book Club

I’ve already ordered the first book on the list for Emma’s book club, it’s been on my list to read for a while anyway. I may only be ’30ish’ but I’m sure there’s going to be lots of advice for all ages in this month’s book ‘On being 40ish’… and anyway it’s good to be prepared for when my 40’s appear in no doubt record time!

Emma is doing a live Q&A on Instagram for the first book on April 13th and is sharing other books she recommends daily on her Instagram page.

The Barrister’s Book Chamber’s Virtual Book Club

The Barrister’s Book Chamber is my local second hand book shop and I was so excited to learn they’re doing a live virtual chat with one of my favourite author’s Libby Page. I finished her latest book, ‘the 24 Hour Cafe’ just last month and loved ‘The Lido’ too. Her books are heartwarming and inspiring and I’m excited to virtually meet her on Friday.

The Barrister’s Book Chamber do surprise book bundles too and sell lots of quirky books new and old over on their Etsy Shop. I have a random delivery of books winging its way to me right now! 🙂


Scarthin Books Virtual Book Club

Scarthin Books are another local book shop which I absolutely love. A treasure trove of new and old books. They’ve now closed their doors for a while and are no longer posting out books, but they are still running their book club… now virtual so anyone can join in. 🙂

Reeses Book Club

This virtual book club has been around for a while and has a new book each month. It’s run by Reese Witherspoon and even if you don’t join the book club I recommend following the account for lots of booky love, author interviews and reading inspiration.

They’re about to announce the April book!

The Stay at Home Literary Fest

The Stay at Home Literary Fest is on right now, up until April 11th. It’s international and there are loads of authors speaking each day via Zoom. Get stuck in 🙂


Do you know any other free virtual book clubs that have recently sprung up or maybe there are some that have been around for a while?

virtual book clubs to join right now

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