Simple ways to help others during Coronavirus Lockdown

Sometimes it takes a pandemic to bring communities together and if there’s one good thing to come out of this weird, scary time it’s just that.

The last couple of weeks has seen my local town come together through offers of help for neighbours, Facebook groups sharing local business offers, our local radio station doing more live shows than ever and a real sense of community amongst us all.

We all know it shouldn’t take a pandemic to make us come together, but it’s also lovely to see so many positive things happening around the UK to support each other and those in need.

My only hope is that this sense of community, the increased levels of support from each other (and our Government) continues well beyond this pandemic! 

If you’re wanting to try and do more good, here are a few ideas to help others during our Coronavirus Lockdown.

Ideas to help others during Coronavirus Lockdown

Write a letter to people on your street offering help

Add your phone number and offer to help with shopping, walking the dog or whatever they might need. Be extra careful and wash your hands or wear gloves when writing and delivering the letters.

Helping others during Coronavirus - writing letters

Promote local businesses

Many local food businesses are doing extra to help people in need, whether that’s delivering fruit and veg boxes and core supplies or delivering hot meals to those in need.

Support them where you can rather than getting everything from the supermarket or Amazon. 

Sign up to become a volunteer

Over 400,000 people signed up to become an NHS volunteer within 24 hours. Roles include helping with deliveries, picking up prescriptions and calling people up who are lonely at home. You can switch your availability on and off too.

Alongside the NHS there are charities and council’s in need of extra support to support their beneficieries. Look on your local council website or for charities recruiting and help out where you can, if you can. 

Wash your hands and stay at home!

It’s a weird time when washing your hands can be one of the best things you can do for the world! It sounds obvious, but, wash your hands, only go out for food or a daily walk, and make sure you don’t over buy from the shops.

All are really important to help us work together to support our country through this pandemic. The smallest things can often make the biggest difference. 

Call you friends and family

We will all know people who live on their own, perhaps you are on your own. Communication is so so important all the time, not least when we’re all stuck at home. Send someone a virtual hug, video call your friend, organise a joint virtual film party and just regularly check in with those you know and ask them ‘really… how are you?’

Write a letter or email to people you haven’t seen in a while

As I write this the post is still running, it may be a bit slower than usual, but that’s ok as we have all the time in the world right now! Is there someone you have been meaning to get in touch with for a long time, or who you know appreciates a letter? It’s a sure way to put a smile on someone’s face.

Dig out that old writing set from the back of the cupboard and write a little letter to a long lost friend or distant relative. Or just write to your best mate… everyone loves a bit of snail mail!

write a letter to an old friend How to help others during Coronavirus Lockdown

What other lovely things are you doing to help others during Coronavirus?

simple ways to help others - coronavirus

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