Flowers and Poetry – the food of love?!

In case you haven’t noticed the world has gone red… red roses, white teddy bears holding big red hearts, red heart shaped boxes of chocolates, red covered romance DVDs, red mugs, red books, red hats, red gloves, red champagne bottles … the world has gone red! And not in a blood and guts, gory kind of way, in a romantic, mushy, seeing the world through happy lovey dovey rose tinted glasses kind of way and well there is no escaping it!

How single girls such as myself cope when it comes to this time of year I have no idea. It seems like every male is surgically attached to every female in a permanent embrace, that look of love in their eyes, confident they will be happy forever…

While I control the vomit that is slowly moving up my esophagus, or the tears that are sneakily streaming down my cheek, I can’t help but pull a face of disgust at the thought of all those tacky teddy bears and cheesy poems. Who wants any of that anyway?? Ask any single girl and they are sure to say NOT ME!

But the truth? If a guy turned up at my door with a dozen red roses or sent some heart shaped cookies to my desk on the 14th… well I certainly wouldn’t be throwing them in his face, that’s for sure. (well depends on the guy)

I would be tweeting my happiness, texting my friends ‘guess what… oh he is just so perfect’ SWOON and would be pretty much contented with life while I wallow in that wonderful feeling of knowing someone out there cares about me and is thinking of me on this red red day of love. Awww!

But alas I probably won’t be receiving such gifts this year… but that’s ok because I know there have been times in the past when someone has loved me enough to fill my day with cheesy romantic gooey things. There was the one who wrote me a sonnet on the special day, the one who turned up at my door with a dozen red roses and a fluffy heart holding teddy bear, the one who cooked me a delicious romantic candle lit dinner.

Even my most recent valentine’s memory was rather romantic. Despite it only being date two with ‘the Kiwi’ he took me to one of my favourite restaurants in London and then to watch ‘Valentines Day’ at the cinema. I mean come on you can’t get cheesier than that! But it was great fun.

Romance, love, flowers, chocolate … the trend never gets old. Boys it’s here to stay.

The romantic times have been and the romantic times will come again… I have faith, there is a Mr Darcy out there for everyone, ladies our time will come… *sigh*

For me this year’s day of love will be spent with the two guys who will always be at the top of my list … dad and bro! 🙂

But just in case Mr Darcy is reading… there are some pretty swell mushy gifts here…

Marks and Spencer

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