Travel Planning 101: 6 Things To Know Before Traveling From UK To Norway

From picturesque white mountains to lush green forests, Norway is a haven for witnessing breathtaking fjords and terrific outdoor activities. This alluring beauty makes it a perfect attraction for UK travelers especially when visiting Oslo. However, there are so many things that they are unaware of in their UK-to-Norway travel. Thus, in this comprehensive guide, you will learn about all the top things that you must know when you are planning to travel from the UK to Norway. So, keep reading further to know everything in depth.

Top 6 Things To Take Care Of When Traveling From UK To Norway

Have a look at all the top things to consider when you are planning your ultimate trip from the UK to Norway.

1.     Book Online To Save Bucks On Transportation

You can explore Norway on train and bus and there are several discounted tickets available for the people to avail and enjoy. However, you have to book the tickets according to your vacation quickly. So, it is advised to book the tickets online in advance whenever you plan your visit.

Besides this, you can opt for motorhome hire in Norway to save some bucks on transportation and accommodation. You have the freedom to pick the ideal vehicle according to your travel requirements. You can drive around easily and enjoy the majestic beauty of Norway. If your stay is less than 90 days then you drive in Norway with a UK photocard driving license. You will need an IDP only for longer stays.

2.     Keep An Eye On The Weather Conditions

Believe it or not, it is super crucial to watch the weather bulletin attentively since the weather can go wild in no time. It is all the more essential if you plan to go hiking, skiing, or snowmobiling. Thus, if you wish to opt for seasonal outdoor activities, you need to watch out for extreme weather conditions to steer clear of any warnings.

3.     Never Ignore Safety

Safety is pivotal in all places. When you travel to a new place, staying alert about your belongings is a must-do thing. The same applies to your Norway trip even though Norway is extremely safe to travel. So, it is important to always ensure that you keep all your valuables hidden to keep away from pickpockets at popular tourist spots. In case of any emergency, note the emergency numbers which are 112 for general emergencies and 113 for medical emergencies.

6 Things To Know Before Traveling From UK To Norway

4.     Reaching Norway From The UK

Well, for the fastest route, you can opt for flying and reach Norway from the UK in five to six hours depending on your flight. This is the time for a direct flight from the UK to Norway. However, there are other modes of transportation that you can opt for to reach Norway.

There are train services like Thameslink, Flytoget, Eurostar, Southern Service, etc, that offer trains from the UK to Norway. You can also opt for a bus or a ferry to reach Norway. However, there is no direct train or bus from the UK to reach Norway.

5.     Eat Healthy On A Budget

Eating well on a budget while vacationing in Norway involves a blend of smart choices and local insights. Opt for budget-friendly eateries like food trucks, markets, and bakeries, where you can savor local specialties without breaking the bank. Moreover, exploring budget-friendly options like farmer markets and discount supermarkets can make eating well in Norway more economical without sacrificing taste or nutrition.

On top of all this, seek out daily specials and set menus at restaurants for more affordable dining options.

6.     Add These Necessary Travel Essentials

In Norway, you will generally find Schuko (Type F) and Europlug (Type C) outlets for power. So, it is better to carry the right plug adapter in case your devices’ plugs differ from these given types.

Also, to have a smooth and secure travel, it will be best to carry a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for emergency medical treatment. If you are a non-EU citizen, carrying comprehensive travel insurance will cover your healthcare needs in the best way.

The Bottom Line

All-in-all, the above-mentioned list shares all the noteworthy points that will help you when you are planning your trip from the UK to Norway. Keeping all these points in mind can simplify your travel planning and overall trip in the best way. So, what are you waiting for? Add all your essential clothing items according to your traveling season and get ready to create life-long memories.

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