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The Blue Lagoon – How to Survive a Storm in Iceland!

We left The President’s House and pushed our way through the crazy wind and back onto the bus. We had one final stop on our short tour or Iceland before we got our flight back to the UK. The stop we had all been waiting for, one of the top 25 wonders of the world, a place on many people’s bucket list… The Blue Lagoon.

We started the drive to The Blue Lagoon, the wind and rain was battering against the bus and we were soon informed there was some bad news… our flight had been cancelled due to the bad weather and we will probably have to wait until morning before we could fly back.

The news was delivered nervously, on a press trip with an airline company this is probably the worst thing that could happen to a bus full of journalists and bloggers. A short silence followed by… Cheers and high fives! We were staying another night in this amazing country… HURRAH! I don’t think it was quite the response they were expecting but it seemed unanimously positive at the prospect of an extra night in Iceland.

After the initial excitement panic started to set in… would the Blue Lagoon be CLOSED!?! The wind and rain were heavier than before and the bus was driving slowly, windscreen wipers swishing wildly. Any weather like this and outside adventures would certainly be closed in the UK, they weren’t flying planes, surely they weren’t going to let us hang out outside in the storm?

Thankfully my dreams were answered… The Blue Lagoon was open!

Blue Lagoon Iceland

In fact it had later opening hours due to the 22 hours of light and with your ticket entry you could stay swimming and lazing in the lagoon until midnight if you wanted!

We ran off the bus in the blustering rain, soaked to the bone in a short 10m run to the building. It was CHAOS inside. Two bus loads of holiday goers were trying to check in their luggage (clearly a popular stop en route to or from the airport) and we went from battling the rain to battling the crowds inside. The staff at the Blue Lagoon kindly gave us free blue macs to cover up on the short 100yards to the main building where we waited in more queues before moving through to a crowded changing room.

By this point I was ready to scream…

Until I went outside!

The freezing blast of the cold Icelandic air had me running to the lagoon and practically jumping in…

and breathe…

I had gone through hell (crowds and queues) and finally reached my heaven!

Blue Lagoon Iceland

The wind and rain were still coming down but you barely noticed as you bathed in the naturally heated warm milky water in the lagoon.

Blue Lagoon Iceland

We all sipped on our glasses of wine, in our swimgear in Iceland in the middle of a storm… it all felt quite surreal, but altogether amazing and incredibly peaceful. You instantly forget the stress and business getting to this point and relax into the hot creamy water.

wine at the Blue lagoon

I recommend purchasing the face masks and body scrubs available from the in pool bar, they are much better than the free white ‘mud’ they have in buckets around the lagoon and add to the luxurious feeling. You can also have massages while in the pool too! Make sure you go for a wander too, there are hot spots around the lagoon where the water will be much warmer than other parts which is just what you want in a storm.

Blue Lagoon Iceland

The fun doesn’t end in the lagoon either, for further sheltering from the storm I recommend The Lava Restaurant. We had an incredible meal after our dip in the pool… a taste sensation right down to the bread and butter served on dried lava plates. Our waiter was great fun too.

Blue Lagoon Iceland Lava Restaurant

There are various different packages you can purchase when visiting The Blue Lagoon, but I would recommend the best value for the money is the ‘Premium’ package which includes a meal in The Lava restaurant, a pack of natural beauty products and use of towels and bathrobes, which are perfect for running from the changing rooms to the pool.

So can you go the Blue Lagoon in a storm? the answer is most definitely YES! In fact, I can’t think of anywhere I would rather be…

The Blue Lagoon – The Perfect Place to be in a Storm.

wine at the blue lagoon

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I was on a trip with Flybe, flying from Birmingham to Keflavik in Iceland. Our flight home was cancelled due to bad weather, but they looked after us so well with a larger flight home, free lunches and a £100 voucher for all passengers delayed. Just to confirm as always… I wasn’t asked to write anything specific but chose what to say myself and all stories above are 100% from my experiences. 

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  1. Hi Jen,

    Terrific report and once again great photos. It most certainly should be everybodys list of places to visit.

    Cheers see you soon.


  2. Swimming , floating, relaxing, hanging out in the 38* cloudy with white silt in a massive man made pool.
    Worth a three hour stay at least.
    Finish up with a beer in the Bar Pool.
    Highlight of my Trip.

  3. This was exactly what I needed to read right now!!! We’ve got a tour booked tomorrow and there are hurricane winds forecast! Everyone is warning people to stay inside but apparently our tour is still running! I was worried it was going to be a miserable experience in the rain but this post has given me hope 😀 😀 thank you so muchhhh!!

  4. Thank you for this! We land in Iceland on Wednesday and we are supposed to go straight to the Blue Lagoon – and there’s a 90% chance of rain. Was just googling to see if we were going to be out of luck for our BL visit.

    1. You’re going to love it! I think its almost better in the rain and wind, you feel extra cosy under the hot water 🙂

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