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  1. Well if ever there was an interesting blogg this is it !
    Derbyshire – Grimsby , boys , dating , travel and volunteering , plus eating truffled chicken !
    How do I sign up .

  2. Terry delany Reply

    Hi. Hope you are ok…Can you give me some advice…on everest, going 2 base camp..whats it like? Y did u go? Your advice would b great. I cant get doing everest out of my system…i have 2do it! I am thinkin (or should i say i am doing it in oct 2014-it will b my 4th trek.. My first, may 2012 was to totally changed my life…that feeling of getting to the top was truely amazing..i felt like a 10ft foot giant.. I need 2do another i am off 2 morocco 3peaks in june 2013 and costa rica in oct 2014…tel p.s have a great xmas and a happy new year. p.p.s fancy meeting up for a coffee..i dont bite!

    • jlowthrop Reply

      Everest Base Camp was amazing. I did it for a new challenge and it is just one of those things you have to tick off your bucket list. I hope you get to go one day and good luck for your trek in Morocco

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