Dreaming of Dubai

Later this year I am off to Dubai! Eeee, exciting!

I’ve heard about huge skyscrapers, immense pristine beaches, incredible shopping and some guaranteed hot hot heat.

I have spent just under 24 hours in Abu Dhabi, the ‘neighbouring’ city in the United Arab Emirates on my way to Nepal, but this time I will have a full 5 days in Dubai.

Here are a few of the top things I want to do on my trip to Dubai

– Visit the mall! Shopping time. It looks spectacular, with any number of amazing shops to explore. If only my bank balance allowed for a few designer bags, shoes, coats, hats… I digress! 😉

– Fly there with Emirates. I hear they are second to none.

– A Birds of Prey Safari – now this one I know I am doing through my #DTour though am unsure of the details other than it sounds really exciting. A desert safari to see loads of wild birds of prey. I just hope they don’t steal my camera.


– ‘That’ one of a kind 6 star hotel. OK, so everyone has to visit, perhaps a truly ‘English’ afternoon tea on the top floor is the way forward? Or maybe just a walk around to daydream of a different life where staying in such places would be the norm.

I can’t wait for my big trip to begin, I am sure the magnificence of Dubai will be quite different to the rest of my trip in Africa. Keep following to find out more.


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