The European DTour – Interview with Jenn Winter

As I ‘may’ have mentioned a few times I am off later this year on a REALLY exciting adventure across Africa and the Middle East with Double Tree Hilton hotels. I am announcing my itinerary very soon so watch this space…


I was one of six prize winners from across Canada, The USA and UK and each of us are going on a different adventure across a different continent, to experience Double Tree Hospitality, eat lots of cookies and most importantly see some incredible sights. Not to mention sharing all our experiences with you.

The first #DTour is well underway and fellow DTourist Jenn Winter is travelling across my fine home continent of Europe. She has already been to Spain and Turkey and is now experiencing the best that Amsterdam has to offer, before heading to Dublin, London and Chester. Wowee, what an experience.

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I interviewed Jenn just before her trip to find out more about her travel experiences and what she is most looking forward to on this trip.

What made you apply for the #DTour of a Lifetime? 

I think that fate played a role in what made me apply for this contest. I only found out about it hours before it was due and I happened to be in Toronto and scheduled to go on a bike tour that afternoon. I decided that the potential prize was too amazing NOT to apply. I ended up editing the short video sitting in the hallway of the Canadian Backpackers Inn in Toronto with a towel over my head so that I could record the voiceover – I’m sure I raised more than a couple of eyebrows! I somehow got it done and uploaded it to the #DTour site literally one minute before the contest closed.

Tell me about your blog? 

My blog has gone through several phases – first it was a way to keep in touch with friends and family when I was living in Kenya, then a way to highlight my photography work and finally a travel blog. While I still keep my personal blog, all of my travel related stories are now posted to my brand new site, A Lady Away. It went live on May 31st so it’s still a baby in the blogosphere but I’ve been excited by the positive feedback I’ve received thus far. I am providing most of the content for the blog but I do accept guest posts and reviews. That being said, I’m committed to only publish well written and quality work, adhering more the standards of an online magazine than a blog.


Where is your DTour to and what will you be doing?

I am the European DTourist and I’m so excited to visit Spain, Turkey, The Netherlands, Ireland and England! Each host hotel has helped me organize a fantastic itinerary – from scuba diving in Spain to a hot balloon ride in Turkey with plenty of good, food, drink, culture and history throughout. There are some locations on the itinerary I’ve been before (Dublin and London) but I’ll be able to experience them in a whole new way!

What are you looking forward to most about your DTour?

Oh goodness, this is a tough one! The hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia jumps immediately to mind because it’s such a once in a lifetime experience. But overall I’m excited to really get a good feel for each location and then share my insights through photos, videos and blog posts.

Where is your favourite place to visit in the whole world?

I have a real soft spot for Kenya because it was my home for a while. There’s something so beautiful and magical about the Rift Valley region and seeing zebras graze on the side of the road like it’s totally normal is something I don’t think I’ll ever get used to. I also love South America and although I’ve only made one visit there I’m anxious to get back.

What is your favourite kind of biscuit? (I’m talking cookies for all you Americans out there)

In Chicago (my hometown) there’s a brand called Carol’s Cookies. For a while they could only be found at one convenient store and my mom and sisters and I used to all split one (they’re enormous) when I was in high school. I’m happy to see that Carol has expanded her business and I can find Carol’s Cookies lots of places now!

Jenn is currently in Amsterdam. You can follow her journey on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and her blog. Jenn is a photographer too so look out for some fabulous photos of her tour. 

Got any tips for Jenn for her next destinations? I could think of 100 things to do in London! 

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