How to prepare for long haul flights

If you feel a little anxious before a long haul flight, you are not alone. However, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. The simple tips below will help you to put your mind at ease before your next long flight.

Get in the right mindset

Remind yourself of your reasons for taking the flight: a once in a lifetime holiday? A fantastic business opportunity? A trip to see loved ones you have really been missing? Putting things in perspective like this will help to motivate you to get on that plane. After all, you are doing it for a good reason, and you would really be kicking yourself if you pulled out of this amazing experience.

preparing for long haul flight

Find something absorbing to do

Buy yourself a novel by your favourite author, or find up which movies are going to be available in flight so that you can avoid watching them until you are on the plane.

Purchase yourself a box of delectable chocolates that you will only tuck in to when you are half way through your journey, or (even more special) get a friend to wrap you a gift that you can only open once you have been on the plane for (say) a few hours. Buy a new album by a musician you love or quite simply think of the time on the plane as an opportunity to draft a few emails or write to-do lists. Once you have something to look forward to on the flight itself (and not just once you step off the plane), you may even find yourself feeling impatient to get on that plane!

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Get prior experience

Sometimes, feelings of anxiety before flying are quite simply a result of our fear of the unknown. This can be especially true if you are taking your first ever long haul flight. In cases like these, a flight simulator experience can be a great idea. Learning how planes are flown, and having everything calmly talked through to you by an experienced instructor, can do wonders for your confidence and peace of mind before you take a long haul flight. So, why not book yourself in for one of these experiences today? They are very popular, and there is sure to be one in your area in the near future.

It’s easy to put your mind at ease before flying

Flying can be exhilarating, relaxing, and – let’s face it – a little bit boring. There is absolutely no need for it to be worrying, though. So, why not try out the three tips above before your next long haul flight? Get looking forward to your experience abroad, treat yourself while on the plane, and try out a simulator. I have a few more tips on preparing for a flight on this blog post too. You may find that you will be keen to book yourself in for your next long haul adventure as soon as your plane touches down.

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