How to Meet New People When You Are Travelling

Travelling may be something that you enjoy with other friends, and family, meaning that you may not get a chance to socialise and meet others who want to experience the same things. If you prefer to travel alone, you are left with a choice, do you put yourself out there for others to approach and meet, or do you leave things as they are and experience your journey alone?

If you are travelling alone then your holiday gives you the perfect opportunity to meet new people. There are, however, certain things that you should consider first; trust your gut and meet people in a safe way. The key is to meet new people, who you would not normally have the chance to meet, in a neutral venue and never give out too much personal information at the start.

So, how do you go about meeting these new people?  There are a number of techniques and methods that can help you. The online world is full of helpful tips when it comes to dating. Web sites like Play It On Point can help you understand potential partners, new friends or simply how to mingle with people you do not know.

Forums are a great way to meet people in a safe online environment. People share their experiences and a little about who they are. You can then make a judgement call on whether you want to find out more about them.


There are also a number of more specialist travel based meeting websites. You may want to take a look at these too:

Mingle Trips

This website has been established for a few years now and has hundreds of members. Users register their trips on the site, and it allows contact between different people.  This is perfect if you want to find out more about someone else, or some place, else.

Virtual Tourist

Forming part of Trip Advisor, the Virtual Tourist portal has been around for over a decade and allows people to share their travel experiences. It is a great place to chat about different places and experiences, as well as getting to know other people through their online forum.


This may be the most obvious website for some, but others will be scratching their heads thinking about how Facebook can help them bring their travels and dating requirements together? The power of Facebook lies within its popularity, with people and other websites. You may have seen other websites that allow you to login through your Facebook account. It is this feature that helps share your travel experiences with others. This connection, and through the ease in which you can talk to people directly, makes Facebook an ideal place for travel and dating.

Whilst all the other suggestions above will help you meet people before you go traveling, the secret to meet potential dates or friends is to be as social as you can whilst you are on your travels.  Try dining out or drinking in the local bars, alternatively you could book yourself on excursions or other trips. Meeting someone new in the flesh can be scary, but if you approach it right, you may just end up with your future husband, wife or best friend.

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