Must see sights in Canada

Visiting Canada can be an awesome experience, and if you are looking to book a holiday, but don’t know which destination to pick, Canada might be a good choice. However, though Canada might be a good place to visit, you might not know why, or what to do once you touch down. Luckily, there are some must see sights in Canada, that will keep you occupied, providing you with all that you need in terms of learning about the region, and enjoying it to the fullest.



Famous for the rivers it has, the region of Ottawa attracts a great number of tourists from all over the world. The region is the capital of the country, and there are a number of executive buildings in the area. Depending on the time you choose to visit the region, you’ll discover that during the winter, the world’s largest ice skating rink can be found there.



Vancouver is a very interesting location, with a number of festivals being held there on a regular basis. One of the most popular attractions of the region, is the TED festival, which often features a number of high profile speakers. The region also has some amazing sports facilities, thanks to the 2010 winter Olympic that took place in the region, making it a must see place for those interested in winter sports.

Discovery Islands


Discovery Islands is a location that would gain a lot of adulation from people who are interested in wildlife. A great location to check out if you’re interested in observing some animals you’d struggle to find in your homeland, Discovery Islands can be reached with the help of a ferry.

Niagara Falls


An amazing natural attraction, Niagara Falls is a location that is guaranteed to take your breath away.The region is home to three amazing waterfalls, so grand in size that only few other locations parallel its magnitude. A great place to take your family, Niagara Falls will allow for you to witness the true power of mother nature, in all her beauty.



A location that you might encounter with the help of a tour guide, maybe after you book a Canada tour from Adventure World, Toronto is a very famous city. When visiting Toronto, you will most likely need the help of a person who knows the region, since it is so vast and diverse in its composition. As mentioned, you can use a tour guide to help you with this, though it could be beneficial to use a guidebook if you can not find a tour guide to help you.

Want to Stay a Little Longer?

Canada can be such an appealing location to visit that you might just be tempted to stay a little longer, and make the most out of your time there. Whether that involves seeing more of the natural attractions in the region, such as Niagara Falls, or becoming more acquainted with the man made cities like Toronto, you will find a way to enjoy yourself either way.

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