I ate a chicken foot … and I liked it!

Ok that is a complete lie, I didn’t like it at all, it was slimy, just skin and bone and smelt funny … but I did it! Because that is what the meat challenge is all about. Not that there is much actual meat on a chicken’s foot.

Mmm chicken foot!

I even got it for free. I asked how much for a chicken foot and she gave me a whole bowl for 50baht (approx. £1) ‘no no no I said… just one to try’ She laughed n gave me one foot for free, I think so she could giggle at my faces as I struggled to chew on the slimy skin.

So will I be eating chicken foot again? Well considering I pulled faces like this..

Not my most attractive face...

Probably not.

Tried to tempt my friend Jan ... he wasn't interested!

Still trying to hunt out deep fried chicken’s ankles after I first saw them in Krabi, will keep you posted…

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