I almost jumped off the plane…

Seriously, I came very close to getting up out of my seat and hopping off the plane (before take off that is). The inner monologue said I could find a job in a hostel, earn some pennies to get me to Australia, or just stay working in a hostel in Asia, or find some long term voluntary work, I could do it, it would be fine. The fun doesn’t have to end, real life doesn’t have to kick back in.

Dreaming of beaches gone by...

But sadly right now I think it does!

2 months ago I was more than ready to be home, the stress of dirty clothes, uncomfortable beds, a dwindling bank account, no close friends to talk to, no family to nip round for a cup of tea or roast dinner, I missed home terribly and just wanted to be back… but then seeing friends in Oz, volunteering in Bali and partying in Thailand happened!

Happy times volunteering in Bali

I can’t quite explain in words how much fun I have had. The last few weeks have been filled with incredible times with new friends and old, eating delicious food, seeing incredible places and just having an absolute blast! And so now I don’t want to return to freezing cold, rainy England, where a train journey will cost me the same as a week’s accommodation, where the reality of having to find a proper job and move back to the 9-5 will well and truly bite.

Thailand I love thee

But alas the time has come and right now I am so grateful that the last few weeks have been so much fun, meaning I am leaving on an absolute high, extremely excited about what my life ahead will hold. Whether that is a new job in London town, setting up my own deli/café back home in Derbyshire or just finding the quickest way to make more dollars so I can embark on my next traveller journey.

I don't want to go home... 🙁

The last 8 months have taken me to 9 different countries, I have climbed several mountains (or hills), sunbathed on some perfect beaches, volunteered with incredible friendly locals, eaten the tastiest foods and strangest ones, seen ‘a few’ temples, partied till sunrise, met a massive bunch of incredible new friends and formed closer bonds with old ones. Not to mention rickshaw rides, moped journeys, 42 hour bus trips, hitchhiking madness and sleeper boats. It has been fantastic, the extreme highs, the extreme lows I’ve had it all and I have LOVED it.

REALLY not ready to go home...

I thank everyone for helping make it be such an amazing experience, this most definitely isn’t the end of my traveller life and I can’t wait to catch up with many of you again someday, somewhere…


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