The Meat Challenge

No this isn’t another section on hot pieces of ass and dating boys … but is in fact all about eating meat. Being the crazy carnivore that I am have decided to set myself a new MEAT CHALLENGE.

Now that's what I'm talking about

So what is this challenge?

Every new country I will try at least one new kind of meat, eat it, taste it, swallow it, blog about it.

Hopefully I will get some more opportunities to kill it and cook it too. Now don’t worry I will try to be as humane as possible in my meat killing, cooking and eating and just for the record … human meat is off the menu. Carnivore I am … Cannibal I am not.

Really excited about my new challenge, I do love a good piece of meat… and lets face it … noone ever makes friends with salad!


The MEAT List 

The list of meats to try is endless, I have already ticked off a fair few but will just have to try them again to write a better review … any excuse for a juicy steak or a mouthwatering leg.


Please send your recommendations of different meats I should try.

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