What Next Wednesday: Escape and Explore

I’ve spent the last few weeks consuming blog after blog, article after article and pages of books to inspire, motivate and enthuse me in my next adventure… what that adventure will be I am not yet sure, but I wanted to share my findings as I move forward on this next journey to the unknown.

I hope this new series will help inspire you with your next move and offer you some valuable tips and places to look to decide what’s next for you!

Is it time to escape?

Next week I am taking a one day course with Escape The City on ‘How to build a business from your passion’ and I cannot wait. I’ve always wanted to run my own business, with two entrepreneurs for parents I can’t really imagine my life going any other way, yet somehow I have stayed in the regular 9-5 job thus far… I’m hoping this course will help me move forward towards finding my passion. Watch this space! If you would like to join me on Monday 25th give me a shout for 35% discount (if still space available).


Do you want to explore?

I crave adventure.
I want to be different.
Do things ‘normal’ people don’t do.
Push the boundaries.
Live life to the fullest!

Sound familiar? My favourite place for adventure inspiration is Explorers Connect. Last week I spent an evening at an EC event listening to Malgosia Skowronska tell us about her expedition to Afghanistan’s Secret Peaks. The team walked along the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan to never before climbed mountains, naming the mountain they peaked. Now that is what you call adventure, it puts my Everest Base Camp Trek done by thousands to shame. Explorers Connect promote adventure jobs, expeditions to join and inspirational stories which are sure to get your adrenaline pumping.


You can while away hours on these two websites, reading other’s inspirational stories and  plotting your next adventure and I promise they will offer tonnes of insights and ideas for you to help in deciding What’s Next!

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  1. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with your course Jen. I vote you start a relaxing writer’s retreat somewhere exotic!

    Love a good bloggy blog 😉

  2. Ooo those courses sound good – you’ve reminded me to check out Escape the City actually. Even though I love the city, but I’d just like to see more of them…

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