9 Tips to help you stay happy in a crisis

It’s a scary time right now around the world, with Coronavirus spreading further each day and countries taking drastic measures to try and contain the pandemic!

We’re all feeling nervous and worried about what is going to happen next and who in our family or circle of friends might be affected, but there are always small things we can all do to help with our personal positivity and global sense of community, calm and happiness.

Perhaps using the word ‘happy’ doesn’t feel right to you right now, but there are ways we can all stay positive and look after ourselves and others over the coming days, weeks and months.

Here are a few tips for staying happy in a crisis

Keep in touch with friends and family

Whether you’re self isolating, working from home for the first time or have cancelled travel plans, make sure you keep in touch with family and friends. Technology has made it easier than every to keep in touch with people from afar. Organise a joint dinner date via video call or arrange a group call with your family each morning to keep morale up and your relationships strong. I love a voice-note on Whatsapp and find it’s a great way to stay connected with family and friends.

Get Moving

Exercise is even more important if you’re self isolating at home. Stretch and move around your house, or even better in your garden (if you have one). Maybe now is the time to do that 30 day sit up challenge? or get an exercise video on and start prancing around the room to some upbeat music. No one is watching I promise… and if they are maybe you will inspire them to put some tunes on and get dancing too!?

My list of positive playlists on spotify will help get you dancing!

Have some Fun!

People often feel embarrassed if they laugh or have fun in times of need, feel guilty if you have fun in a crisis, but often that’s exactly what we need.

Play a silly game, make up a dance, do some crazy drawings or watch a funny film. It might just take your mind of things for a while and that’s ok, don’t feel guilty about it and have some fun!

Do some Good

Doing good for others is a sure way to make you feel good yourself. Lots of charities are worrying right now that attention will be taken from their cause as everyone panics about Coronavirus. Donate to a charity or see if they have any micro volunteering opportunities for you to help out online.

Help your community

In times of crisis communities come together, helping each other to get through. See if there are any local Facebook groups or other groups where people are getting together to help those in need with picking up shopping, getting medicine, calling isolated people for a chat or whatever help people might need. Or maybe set one up yourself.

Keep working!

Not everyone is able to take their job home with them, but hopefully there is something you can do from home, whether it’s planning for when life gets back to normal again or continuing with business as usual online. Giving yourself a schedule for the day and keeping things as normal as possible. This could be the time to start that blog, to plan that business or build that website!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

When the world is in disarray, asking for help can seem selfish, but it’s not. We are all in this together and should be able to ask for help as much as we are able to give it!

Do what makes you relax

This will be different for everyone, but I know when I am feeling anxious and worried I need a bath and a good escapism book to read. For you it might be a cup of tea and a snuggle with the dog (actually that sounds pretty ace too!) or doing a jigsaw puzzle. I recommend meditation too, or just focusing on your breathing for a couple of minutes.

Don’t believe everything you read online!

There is currently SO MUCH information about Coronavirus online, most people are well meaning, but not everyone is right. Take your news in small doses, it’s currently relentless and can quickly get you down. There is key advice that is shared via the main news channels and broadsheets, but listen to what you need to and don’t get overwhelmed and swamped by it.

You can take everything in this blog with a pinch of salt too if you want 😉 and do what’s right for you!

Much love to you all.

Jen x

Do you have any other tips for how people can stay happy in a crisis?

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  1. Great tips here Jenny, I really love mindful colouring in for some brain relax time … I find it really makes me focus on the task at hand so the more intricate the pattern the harder I focus.

    1. ooo good idea. I have a colouring book tucked away somewhere I haven’t used for a while. Might dig that out for some relaxation later 🙂

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