101 Fun Things to Keep the Kids Entertained at Home

Today’s guest blog is from the wonderful Carla Dee, sharing her 101 fun things to keep the kids entertained at home. I met Carla at the end of last year at Derby’s Happy Cafe where I gave a ‘Feel Good Do Good‘ talk.

Carla is one of life’s smiley happy people and lives her pink brand LoveLaLaLand through and through. She is also an amazing artist who creates colourful cards, stationary and personalised portraits over on her Etsy Store.

Carla Dee has two kids and is definitely an expert in FUN for kids (and adults) so what better person to write a follow up to my 100 fun things to do at home post. I certainly wasn’t going to be writing about entertaining kids… erm throw them a chocolate bar?!

Carla Dee 101 Fun Things to Keep the Kids Entertained at Home

Carla Dee – Guest Blogger sharing 101 Fun Things to Keep the Kids Entertained at Home.

Stuck indoors and not sure what to do with the kids? I’ve made a list of 101 fun things to keep the kids entertained (and the big ones!). So we can live our best lockdown life… and stay safe and sane!

Here’s a list of our favourites, some good old-fashioned activities and some exciting new things to keep boredom at bay, you will be able to keep the children entertained for hours with this lot.

101 Fun Things to Keep the Kids Entertained at Home

If you’ve got any more ideas, let me know in the comments!

101 Fun things to keep the kids entertained at home.

  1. Draw a rainbow and put it in your window
  2. Make chalk drawings on the pavement in front of your house or patio
  3. Play charades
  4. Do a puzzle
  5. Play a card game, we have lots of favourites… Patience, Dobble, Uno or Top Trumps
  6. Make an obstacle course, Ninja Warrior style!
  7. Bake cakes or cookies and eat them!
  8. Do some finger painting
  9. Have a movie night with popcorn and ice cream
  10. Blow bubbles and chase to pop them
  11. Plant seeds and watch them grow
  12. Get the water pistols out and get soaked
  13. Have a teddy bears picnic
  14. Have a DIY pizza night
  15. Make a wish jar of all the things you want to do but can’t at the moment then make it your bucket list after lockdown
  16. Have a kitchen disco with glow sticks
  17. Put a tent in the garden or make a den inside and use a torch
  18. Build a Lego world
  19. Make your own playdoh (salt doh)
  20. Have an Easter egg hunt
  21. Make a movie with your family in it
  22. Visit a virtual zoo or farm online
  23. Read a book and write a book review
  24. Make a robot out of cardboard boxes and loo rolls
  25. Do some colouring-in
  26. Make a sock puppet and put on a show
  27. Make a pattern using potato printing
  28. Play balloon volleyball
  29. Make some leaf rubbings
  30. Have a scavenger hunt
  31. Make your own comic book
  32. Have a sports day
  33. Make playdoh shapes with cutters
  34. Have a pamper session, put cucumber on your eyes and paint your nails
  35. Video call the grandparents or other friends and family
  36. Play schools with all your favourite toys as pupils
  37. Bounce on the bed… parental supervision advised!
  38. Make a fortune teller
  39. Do a science experiment
  40. Make paper airplanes and have a competition whose flies the furthest
  41. Play computer games, we like Mario Kart
  42. Make a drum kit out of pot and pans and wooden spoons
  43. Dress up as a princess, pirate, superhero or swap clothes and dress up as each other
  44. Have a pyjama day and snuggle under a blanket
  45. Make a tall tower then knock it down
  46. Paint a family portrait
  47. Make a card and send it to someone special
  48. Make ice lollies from water and squash or real fruit
  49. Play rock, paper, scissors
  50. Have a midnight feast (not really at midnight, it’s important to get the pesky kids to bed and enjoy your evening… but as soon as it gets dark!)
  51. Dance while playing musical statues or musical chairs
  52. Play pie face with bubbles in the bath
  53. Play hide and seek
  54. Have a singalong to your favourite songs
  55. Learn origami
  56. Have donkey rides around the house
  57. Play a board game, our favourite is Junior Monopoly
  58. Play marbles
  59. Make a stop frame animation with mini figures
  60. Play blinds man buff
  61. Learn a magic trick
  62. Watch the clouds go by, what shapes can you see?
  63. Make a pirate’s treasure map, hide some treasure and then get someone to try and find it
  64. Make a music rice shaker
  65. Play the floor is lava
  66. Pretend to be at the hairdressers (you could colour your hair with tissue paper!)
  67. Make a playlist of your favourite songs
  68. Rewrite a story of an old children’s classic
  69. Watch some funny videos on YouTube
  70. Make a collage from magazines
  71. Play shops and be the shop keeper
  72. Make a marble run out of cardboard tubes and tape
  73. Play what time is it Mr. Wolf
  74. Read a joke book
  75. Make a time capsule
  76. Watch a TikTok and learn a dance routine
  77. Play I spy
  78. Make a crown
  79. Have a game of indoor bowling or tin can alley
  80. Make friendship bracelets
  81. Have a pillow fight
  82. Br silly with selfie Instagram filters
  83. Have an indoor PE lesson… we like Mr. Motivator, old skool!
  84. Make (or buy plain) biscuits and decorate them
  85. Race cars down a ramp and see who wins
  86. Play doctors and give someone a check-up with loo roll bandages
  87. Make slime with added glitter and sparkle
  88. Try the bottle flip challenge
  89. Play dominoes at the table and pretend you’re in the pub… beers for the grown-ups/pop and salty crisps for the kids!
  90. Make up an invisible friend, the more the merrier, there’s room for everyone!
  91. Run a tuck shop
  92. Play spies and sneak around the house, spying on people but don’t let them see you
  93. Make a magic potion
  94. Have a wrestle on the bed
  95. Tell a spooky ghost story
  96. Make a big cardboard castle
  97. Play the name game with sticky notes
  98. Make a lucky dip box filled with toys and shredded paper
  99. Have a sleepover in the living room with everyone in your family and pretend you’re in a hotel, make sure you have a nice buffet breakfast tin the morning
  100. Plan and hold a party… make invitations, table decorations, prepare the food, play games and enjoy yourselves!
  101. Wash your hands and sing happy birthday!

Phew! Now that is a long list of fun things to keep the kids busy at home, let me know which are your favourites?

There’s even more fun activities for kids on The Bristol Brood website too.

Staying in doesn’t mean that anyone needs to feel bored any time soon. But most of all don’t forget to have fun and keep smiling!

101 Fun Things to Keep the Kids Entertained at Home

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