100 Fun things to do at Home (while self isolating)

It’s looking more and more likely that we’re all going to be stuck at home for a while due to Coronavirus, so here are 100 fun things to do at home while self isolating, to keep us entertained and try and stop cabin fever setting in.

I’m going to see how many I can tick off over the coming weeks… Number 4… Tick! Number 11… pleeaassee someone help me fulfil this right now!

If you’ve got any more to add let me know in the comments! 🙂

100 fun things to do at home (while self isolating)

  1. Video call someone in your family
  2. Have a virtual dinner party with friends
  3. A day long netflix marathon
  4. Start a new blog (like I did)
  5. Plan a new business
  6. Meditate
  7. Rearrange your bedroom
  8. Declutter your wardrobe – go minimalist
  9. Have a clear out and make a pile of stuff for charity
  10. Bake a cake
  11. Snuggle with your dog
  12. or you cat
  13. or any pets in the house
  14. Write a gratitude journal
  15. Write a diary
  16. Write a book!
  17. Read a book
  18. Read ALL the books
  19. Sit and drink a cup of tea
  20. Drink many cups of tea (I recommend Yorkshire!)
  21. Try a new recipe
  22. Make up a recipe with whatever random food you have left in the house
  23. Make some food for your neighbours who might be in need
  24. Sit and stare out the window
  25. Draw
  26. Paint
  27. Write a letter to a friend
  28. Write an email to friends
  29. Do a crossword puzzle
  30. Write a poem
  31. Play a computer game (this one is from Olly!)
  32. Redecorate a room
  33. Deep clean your kitchen (this is genuinely fun for me!)
  34. Repot your plants
  35. Have a picnic on the floor
  36. Make a photo album
  37. Make a photo album for a friend
  38. Start a creativity book (blog post on this coming soon)
  39. Make Mars Bar Cake (my favourite)
  40. Sort out all your digital photos
  41. Eat some chocolate
  42. Eat some cake
  43. Eat lots of cake
  44. Plant some vegetables
  45. Redesign your garden/balcony
  46. Start a giant jigsaw
  47. Attempt to finish the giant jigsaw
  48. Realise some pieces are missing from the jigsaw so give up
  49. Have a lie in
  50. Have breakfast in bed
  51. Make housemates/lodgers/family breakfast in bed
  52. Support online businesses
  53. Make a TikTok video (not cool enough for this myself yet!)
  54. Learn yoga
  55. Learn to do a handstand
  56. Do a fitness video
  57. Do an online course
  58. Do 5 online courses
  59. Learn a new language
  60. Watch a film you’d never normally watch
  61. Make up a new dance
  62. Learn a traditional dance
  63. Donate to a charity (I recommend The Peak District National Park Foundation)
  64. See what volunteering you can do from home
  65. Learn to knit
  66. Learn to sew
  67. Teach your dog/hamster/tortoise a new trick
  68. Have sex 😉
  69. Have some more sex
  70. Put your music on really loud
  71. Turn your music down so you don’t annoy the neighbours
  72. Have a dance party with your friends via video call
  73. Make candles
  74. Play cards
  75. Plat Dobble (oo this gets competitive!)
  76. Whatever you do… don’t play Monopoly!
  77. Take some photos
  78. Travel without leaving your house
  79. Make a video of life at home
  80. Make a photo collage
  81. Make a list of things to do when you can get out again
  82. Make a dream list for your career/work/business
  83. See what you can do now to make those dreams a reality
  84. If you’re single set up some virtual dates
  85. Watch some YouTube videos
  86. Make your own YouTube video
  87. Take a virtual museum tour
  88. Order a takeaway (especially a Chinese or Italian!)
  89. Wash your hands
  90. Wash them again
  91. Have a really long bubbly bath with candles (and wine!)
  92. Try a new hairstyle
  93. Grow a beard
  94. Stay in your pyjamas all day
  95. Dress up all fancy for dinner
  96. Have a nap
  97. Make a to do list
  98. Defrost the freezer
  99. Fill the freezer with home-cooked meals
  100. Do nothing!

Wow that was fun! Can you think of anymore? When you start thinking about it there is so much we can do from home.

100 fun things to do at home
Photo from pre quarantine days!

I don’t have kids so haven’t included anything about entertaining kids but will try and find a guest poster for that one 🙂

Let me know what you’re keeping yourself busy with if self isolating or just spending more time hanging out at home. I’m planning on being really productive (as long as I don’t get sick!) and finally do all the things I’ve been wanting to do for ages like sorting my photos (hello 70,000 photos on my iPhone!) and sorting my expenses now rather than leaving it until the last moment in December.

Stay safe everyone and please so share what you’re up to at home.

Much love

Jen x

100 fun things to do at home

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