Why Peat is our Climate Change Superhero – Peak District Moors

The Peak District Moorland and all its peat might just be our climate change superhero, here to save the day.

I didn’t know I could get so excited about soil, but here we are it’s 2020 and soil… or peat to be more specific is VERY COOL!

Today sees the launch of The Big Give, where anything you donate to any of the charities on the list is doubled. There are lots of charities involved, but I am here to tell you about the Peak District National Park Foundation and Peat!

The Peak District National Park Foundation is taking part in The Big Give and for one week only every penny donated is doubled.

The money will go towards the ‘Restore Our Moors’ project run by the Moors for the Future Partnership. Moors for the Future helps restore The Peak District and South Pennine Moors through a number of restoration, monitoring and conservation projects.

Peat really is our Climate Change Superhero!

Read on to find out why…

The BIg Give Peak District National Park Foundation

Why Peat is great for Climate Change?

Sphagnum Moss, a form of peat moss is the real climate change superhero and will probably help us a lot more than recycling your plastic bottles. (not that you shouldn’t keep doing that, or better still don’t buy them in the first place!)

Peat is the biggest store of carbon in the UK. It stores the equivalent of TWENTY years of ALL UK carbon emissions. That’s mad right?! And super cool!

However, 80% of the UK’s peatlands have been destroyed over centuries, especially during the industrial revolution.

And what’s worse… damaged peatland actually releases carbon into the atmosphere having the opposite effect! Damaged moorland can give out carbon at a rate of 10 million tonnes a year.

So which would you prefer to do?

  1. Save the peat and save the planet? or
  2. Damage the peat and forget about our planet?

I know which I want to do! Which is why my business Feel Good Do Good has already contributed to The Big Give to fund improving our moorland and getting more of the magical moss to help us conquer climate change!

You can donate this week and ALL your donations will be DOUBLED… just like that! Double your donation! 🙂


*The Big Give is Open for donations from 12pm on Tuesday 1st December (Giving Tuesday) until 12pm on December 8th.

What are the other benefits of peat that make it our superhero?

There are so many other benefits to restoring our moorlands, honestly this stuff is brilliant! A real life superhero!

Here are a few benefits. Peat:

  • improves our natural habitats, helping increase numbers of endangered species
  • provides healthier cleaner water for us all to use
  • reduces the risk of wild fires, as blanket bogs are less likely to burn
  • reduces the risk of flooding, holding the water in the bogs and slowing down its journey down hill!
  • provides beautiful spaces to walk and breathe, improve our wellbeing, and enjoy our natural world. Just look at these before and after photos of the Peak District Moorland.

If I still haven’t persuaded you on how great peat moss is, then here is another photo of some peat that goes down over 3 metres, meaning it’s approximately 3000 years old!

The photo is from Helen at Hosta Consulting who is a peat SuperFan and helps businesses be more sustainable. We had a great chat about how brilliant moss is yesterday!

300 year old peat! Peak District Moorland

Are you now a Peat Moss Superfan?

If the answer is yes… then please do consider donating this week to the Restore Our Moors campaign. For one week only every donation is doubled.

I know it’s a tricky ol’ time for the pennies right now, so if you can’t donate please do share the campaign with friends or family who might be able to support it, however small.



All hail the Magnificent Moss!

Why peat is our climate change superhero

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