DTour Interview – Loren Klein is going Down Under

It’s that time again… #DTour time, but this time sadly it isn’t me on the adventure, but the lucky Loren Klein who is the fourth DTourist to jet off across the world for an adventure of a lifetime. Loren is off to Australia to experience the DoubleTree hospitality, new outback adventures and no doubt many delicious cookies.

Loren leaves today and I can’t wait to follow along as he travels the length and breadth of Australia, even if I may be a little envious. Loren is a man after my own dreams, having quit his job more than once (just like me) to see if their is more to life, than the 9-5 ‘normal’ life. I interviewed Loren about his travels, read all about his adventures below and follow along on his blog It’s Really Happening. 

Tell us a bit about you and your blog. 

When I quit my job the first time around at age 25, it wasn’t because I was tired of graphic design. I just wanted to feel unrestrained, to make the most of the life I’d been given, and just go. My solo summertime roadtrip around the U.S. was just the beginning. A few years later, my wife and I quit our respective jobs together, and set off blogging our adventures. Our parents and friends in disbelief, we dubbed our website “It’s Really Happening”, as in, “we may be nuts, but get used to it.”

Loren Klein

Where are you going on your DTour and what are you looking forward to most? 

I’m finally heading down under, exchanging my New Mexico snowboarding for some Australian surfing, and crossing the equator for the first time. What I’m most excited about experiencing is the unworldly wildlife. The huge landmass has been isolated from the rest of the world for eons, so much so that the platypus is actually a real thing. Not to mention kangaroos, koalas and an array of deadly, poisonous creatures. It’s just the kind of Earthly wonder that I have to see for myself.


You are a designer by trade… does this influence your choice of travel destinations at all? 

I love all aspects of visual design, and while on travel I’m constantly drawn to hand-lettered signs, peeling paint and eatery menus. All of those typographical findings inspire me and help to inform my own work further down the road. But my passions for food, music and the outdoors also play a big role in my travel choices. Some of the best places in the world have awful-looking signage, or no signs at all. And sometimes pure nature, untouched by humans, inspires the most.

What is on the top of your travel bucket list and why? 

Iceland has long held a certain mystery that seems to be beckoning me. Images of grassy hilltops, white skies and steaming hot springs come to mind. Not to mention the people. Icelanders are known to be among the happiest on Earth, and I’d like to find out why.


What is your travel style and will you be sticking to it on your DTour? 

When I’m away from home, I like to make the most of every day without over-planning. I try to see the whole spectrum, from ancient ruins to rooftop bars, serene beaches to chaotic marketplaces, world-class restaurants to sidewalk food stands. I’m most excited about word-of-mouth recommendations from locals, but I also turn to guidebooks for historical perspective, travel blogs for insider advice, and google searches for everything else. Though my DTour has some days all booked up already, I will have loads of free time to just wander, which suits me just fine.

Loren and his wife Kristen leave TODAY for their Aussie adventure. Follow along on their blog, twitter and instagram.

Does anyone have any tips for Loren? He is visiting Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Alice Springs and Darwin. 


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