From Naples to Rome: Exploring Italy’s Pizza Varieties

Italy is renowned for its delicious cuisine, and one of its most famous exports is pizza. While pizza can now be found all over the world, it originated in Italy and has a rich history and diverse range of varieties. This article will explore the different types of pizza found in Naples, Turin and Rome as Naples is the birthplace of the famous dish, Turin is the best city for pizza according to Holidu, and Rome is the perfect place to find variety in flavour. Take a moment to learn about the amazing cities where you can indulge in some of the best slices in the world.

From Naples to Rome: Exploring Italy's Pizza Varieties

The best pizza varieties in Italy

Turin: The place for Authentic Italian Pizza

Turin is a city situated in the northern region of Piedmont in Italy that is renowned for its exceptional pizza – and ranks as the number one city in Europe to enjoy the dish! With an impressive number of 13.63 restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants rated with 4.5+, it’s no surprise that Turin is a pizza lover’s paradise. The distinguishing feature of Turin-style pizza is its thick and fluffy crust, coupled with generous toppings. The dough is skillfully crafted using a blend of flours which results in a lighter and more delightful texture.

One of the most beloved pizzas in Turin is the Pizza al Padellino, which is cooked in a small frying pan and adorned with a variety of ingredients, including cheese, cured meats and vegetables. Alternatively, you can savour the delectable Pizza al Tegamino, a thick and fluffy pizza baked in a pan.

What truly sets Turin-style pizza apart is the emphasis on local ingredients and traditional recipes. The city takes pride in its high-quality cheeses, such as the creamy Robiola and the tangy Toma. These cheeses are frequently used as toppings, imparting a unique and delightful flavour to the pizza. What’s more, Turin is renowned for its truffles and you can indulge in pizzas adorned with shaved truffles, creating a truly luxurious and indulgent culinary experience. Stop by the Pizzeria Fratelli Roselli and enjoy a slice.

Rome: The Versatile Pizza Offerings

Rome, the capital city of Italy, offers a wide range of pizza varieties to suit every taste. With 11.43 restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants with a 4.5+ rate, it simply has to be on this list. Roman-style pizza, also known as Pizza al Taglio, is rectangular in shape and sold by weight. It is often topped with a variety of ingredients, such as cured meats, vegetables and cheeses. The crust is thin and crispy which makes it perfect for a quick and satisfying meal.

In addition to pizza al taglio, Rome is also known for its unique pizza bianca. This is a simple yet delicious pizza made with olive oil, salt and rosemary. It is typically enjoyed as a snack or breakfast item. Another popular Roman specialty is the Pizza con Porchetta which features slices of slow-roasted pork on top of the pizza. You can stop by Alice Pizza Trastevere and enjoy a slice of slice of “Cacio e Pepe” or “Mortadella” while you take some time to relax from exploring the majestic city.

From Naples to Rome: Exploring Italy's Pizza Varieties

Naples: The Birthplace of Pizza

Naples is renowned as the ultimate destination for pizza enthusiasts. It holds the prestigious title of being the birthplace of pizza and takes immense pride in its culinary heritage. Neapolitan pizza, with its thin, soft and chewy crust, crafted from a special flour and cooked in a wood-fired oven, is a true masterpiece. The Margherita, a classic Neapolitan pizza, is a delightful combination of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil which offers a simple yet incredibly flavorful experience.

Apart from the Margherita, Naples offers a plethora of other traditional pizzas to satisfy every palate. The Marinara, another timeless favourite, is adorned with tomato sauce, garlic, oregano and olive oil. For seafood enthusiasts, the Neapolitan pizza topped with fresh seafood like clams and mussels is an absolute must-try. But Naples doesn’t stop at just baked pizzas – it also introduces the world to the wonders of fried pizza. This unique variation involves frying the dough before adding the delectable toppings which results in a crispy and indulgent treat that will leave you in awe.

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