How many Indians does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Approximately 25

1 to check the light bulb is actually broken

1 to get a chair to stand on

2 to fix the chair that is broken

1 to hold the chair

2 to go buy the new light bulb, including one to drive the rickshaw and one to go into the shop

7 needed to sell the light bulb, including fetching from the back, taking the money, writing the receipt, opening the door, checking your bags for weapons (or something) and a couple to hover and look busy.

1 to note that the power has gone out … AGAIN!

5 to go find a generator, get more fuel, fix it if broken, turn it on and tell the others when power is on

1 to get a candle while the power is out

1 to get matches to light the candle

1 to actually light the candle

1 to give all orders for the above

AND 1 to change the ruddy light bulb!!

…And that is how India works

… a bureaucratic mess of different people doing every step of every process wherever you are! Well, how else would you make sure all 1.2billion (and counting) Indians are in work? Perhaps we should learn a thing or two and get more British people back into work?!

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  1. Hahahaha……Hmmmm… For every brit who cant change a light bulb her or himself, if we employed the 28, …. Thats 64 million brits x 28 light bulb changing experts from India would mean , Birts would need to employ 1.7 Billion People. Tough luck as weve got only 1.3 million Indians ( including the tiny tots – and am sure they can change a simple light bulb themselves) …Thus youd have to get a few Chinese into the equation too….considering the fact that none of the 64 million Brits could change the light bulb themselves?
    Is that a fair retort?
    Nice one anyway… And its true.. Not only with light bulbs. Every been to a Highway Toll in India? About 10 to direct you to the lane thats less busy ( cause the drivers too busy on the phone ) 1 at each toll booth to tell you to stop, 1 to collect the payment, 1 to scribble or punch out the ticket, 1 to tender the change, the next to open the gate and one more to salute you while leaving!!!
    Each ATM booth has atleast two people employed!!
    Underground parking in Malls is amazing. In Spencers Plaza ( a very British name, from the colonial days) I have counted atleast a 100 parking attendants directing you to free parking bays) in a single Mall!!
    Though I must admit, they really do help!!

    1. haha. Glad you liked it. Some brilliant other examples you have there. This post was actually inspired by Cafe Coffee Day in Delhi … it took about an hour to get my coffee even though half of Delhi seemed to be working there. hehe.

      I’m glad they are being proactive in getting your growing population working though… I think perhaps we could learn a thing or two in the UK to get some of our unemployed into work…

      Thanks for your response and hope you enjoy the blog.


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