Was It Worth It? A Poem

Rattling, Rocking, Rolling along the rails,
Chai Garum, Coffee, Panne the vendors shout
Rain splashes on my face too hot to shut it out.
Fans spinning but no air to move,

460 rupees saved but no AC.

The smell of week old piss fills the air,
Feet sticking to the dirty floor
My bags are locked beneath me but still I worry more.
Lying on my valuables, no temptation,

460 rupees saved but I’m so tired.

The Indian stare penetrates my body,
I can feel him burning into my skin so deep
I look up and smile, I still can’t sleep.
They smile back, friends for life?

460 rupees saved but I feel naked.

My head fills with dreams of pillows, curtains, free panne and chai,
The train rolls on into the dark night ahead
Dreaming of past journeys in a second class bed.
Only three more hours of experience to go,

460 rupees saved, now how shall I spend it?

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    1. I checked into an AC room with a TV after this journey… pure luxury compared to most of my travels. It was definitely worth it to see more of beautiful India 🙂

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