Everyone loves a date with a GEEZER!

Come on ladies you know you are with me on this one,  there is something about a geezer that just turns us into giggly girls!

So how would you define a Geezer? Something like this perhaps…

Geezer: South east London lad, brilliant at banter, calls you babe n you know you’re as safe as brick houses with them … you ain’t getting no shit when your geezer is around!

I met my geezer in a north London club, thankfully, he and his mates had decided to brave going north of the river or maybe I would never have experienced the joys of dating a geezer. He was a cheeky chap from the beginning and I was instantly hooked.

We dated for almost a year … but in that time had only 6 dates, this was perfect though, I never intended the guy to be my boyfriend, I just wanted to enjoy his banter, butt and babe calling!

A typical date with my geezer…

Meet in a pub, he buys the drinks (always the gent), we chat, we laugh, drink some more, we take the piss (me the country girl and him the total Geeze!), maybe grab some food and we kiss … oh the kisses!

The best bit is I am the most ‘unsarcastic’ person at times (get it) and my geezer would get it 100% of the time, a guy who doesn’t get my sarcasm isn’t going anywhere with me fast.

‘My’ geezer has a girlfriend now, probably a fellow South East Londoner, but that’s ok. Well, we were never going to work, a geezer just can’t be with a country girl long term, can they? …

I am so glad I got my turn to experience NJ the Geezer and hope he thinks the same of his time with ‘country girl’.

Ladies go forth with this new found knowledge, find yourself a geezer to play with and enjoy the pleasures of a true cockney gent!

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  1. Hey Jen! Just getting around to catching up on your blog entries. Loved this one! Very true.. a geezer always makes for a fun – not sure you can take many of them seriously though! lol. Hope you’re having a blast on your travels xx

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