Almost Date 1 – Meant To Be Together!

When in Mcleod Gang I was introduced to an Indian guy who had become pally with an American guy I had met at the hostel. We met on the street when he asked the American guy if I was his girlfriend. He said no and then the ‘sweet nothings’ began.

Indian guy – ‘I just broke up with my girlfriend this morning, but I knew it would be ok I had a good omen, now I have met you, this is meant to be!’

Me – ‘haha’ (rolls eyes)

Indian guy – ‘How long are you staying? Can I take you out for dinner, I have a good omen, I knew something positive was going to happen, this is meant to be!’

Me – ‘I leave tonight!’ (thank god)

Indian guy – ‘Can I have your number or email, we can meet up in Delhi, I am there next week, guess what, getting my visa to come to England … see this is meant to be!’

Me – ‘actually I am not going to be in England for a VERY long time’

(I walk away)

30 minutes later and I stupidly walk down the same street and there he is

Indian guy – ‘aaa see we keep meeting, we are meant to be, let me take you for a tea, here take my email, get in touch when you are in Delhi, when will you get in touch, one day, two days?’

Me – (takes email) ‘I will email you next week, can’t wait’

Indian guy – ‘promise?’

Me – ‘Promise!’ (total lie… runs away fast)

So I ‘almost’ got a date in Mcleod Gang or Delhi

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  1. Hey there…just returned from India. Your stories are helping ease my reentry to home…love them! I especially laughed at the almost dating stories…so familiar and funny! Bravo!

    1. Glad you are enjoying. I have many more non dates, but been trying to work more on the actual dates so hopefully more stories coming soon 🙂

      1. Good plan, but it’s hard to avoid the non-dates! I will keep watching your journey, reliving bits of India, hoping for some dating inspiration and maybe a few tips, and wishing the best for your safe travels!!!

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