A dating blog without any dates?!

So, my blog is about two things.

Travelling Adventures – First and foremost it is about my travels around the world, sharing stories, advice and top tips on things to do …and not do!

And then…

Dating Cultures – This is a small sideline of dating escapades, cultural norms and differences and funny or not so funny stories from my experiences of dating past and present.

I could happily fill this blog with stories of past dating adventures in England and America and probably will share a few as time goes on, but I want to also share what I learn about dating in other countries as I slowly move my way from country to country.

So, what am I playing at… where are they? Hilarious dating stories, clashing cultures, ugly men, fit men, marriageable men, completely unmarriageable men?

Believe me, there have been chances, many chances! But sadly my safety … and sanity come first! So here are a few stories about men I ‘almost’ went on a date with over the last month in India.

Almost date 1 – We are meant to be together

Almost date 2 – Feel the Luurrvve

Almost date 3 – I miss you

Almost date 4 – I just want your friendship

Almost date 5 – Confidence, Check! Timing, All Wrong!

So there we have it, a whole plethora of non-dates for you to enjoy. Perhaps boys can learn some tips on how not to get a date, and ladies can learn a few things on what to watch out for!

Major over generalisation BUT … Indian men have creepy stares, are way too persistent and need to learn to get the hint!

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  1. Also, there is no such thing as being too forward when dating a college. Do not be afraid to ask the questions, no matter how personal it may seem.

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