Almost date 5 – Confidence, Check! Timing, all wrong.

On my birthday, I headed out for a BIG night in Kolkata with friends. Sadly the night was cut short, just as a hottie walked in the club.

We had to leave as our drivers’ wife was ill, and my host family wouldn’t have us getting a taxi across town late at night.

So in a sudden burst of confidence, I walked up to the just mentioned hottie, told him he was the hottest guy in the club and I would love to meet up. I then gave him a small piece of paper with my name, email and number on.

He was clearly pretty shocked and I like to think flattered. He informed me that sadly he was leaving to move to England (typical) the next morning.

I think I believed him and we have emailed a bit since, maybe a date for when I return to my home country.

Perhaps this is an example of where a little Dutch courage actually works?! Next time I will pick a guy who is sticking around a while!

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