Almost Date 4 – “I just want your friendship”

Indian people are really friendly, they want to chat to you, they want to take your photo (more of that later), they want you to buy their stuff, stay in their house, eat their food and most of all they want you to be their friend!

That is what Jahi wanted when he helped me cross the road (I actually didn’t need help crossing the road) he started talking with the usual question ‘where are you from?’ and then proceeded to walk me to the Ghandi museum where he suggested I visit. So we walked, and we talked, he told me I had beautiful golden hair. He seemed like a nice guy, who was genuinely trying to be friendly, but…

Then he started to try and take my hand each time we crossed a road…

and then…

I noticed him putting his arm around my waist, or brushing his hand across my ass as we crossed the road.

I flinched and walked ahead. ‘Don’t worry’ he said ‘I don’t want anything, just your friendship.’

‘Thanks, I think I am just going to go for a wander by myself, but thanks for walking with me.’

‘I will walk you to the Ghandi museum, it is just down this road.’

Now this is what he had been saying for the last 15 minutes and I had a strong feeling we were walking around in circles, just so he had more chances to be seen walking the streets with the white girl or another chance to cop a feel of my ass!

He then asked me if I would like to come round for dinner! At which I point I skiddaddled.

‘Thanks, but I don’t like you touching my ass, I am going this way, thanks for showing me around. Goodbye!’

Did I miss out on a perfectly good date? I think not! Safety and sanity first every time!

And FYI… after asking several people, we were walking in the wrong direction for the Ghandi museum.

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