At the weekend I had a date with my BFG (Big Friendly Giant) which I may or may not share with you later. But after our one on one time we met up with his work colleagues for drinks and dancing. One colleague discovered I was next visiting Mumbai and said he was going too; we should swap numbers and meet up.

The guy seemed nice, friendly, so I gave him my number and thought nothing of it.

Fast forward to 4am and I receive a text…

‘Great to meet you tonight, I hope you enjoyed my company and care, miss you, take care, sweet dreams.’

Considering I was clearly on a date with his mate this was a little odd but whatever, I didn’t reply.  Next day I got a ‘Hey, how are you?’ and being the nice person that I am kindly replied. This is where I should have stopped, the texts kept coming.

Him – ‘Can we meet tonight? I will pick you up in my car’

Me – ‘I’m busy’

Him – ‘just one hour, I will come and get you wherever you are’

Anyway, to cut a long story short, there was lots of texting to and fro, you could almost call it begging, though I withstood. It ended with a text the day I left for Mumbai saying ‘I will miss you’ to which I replied ‘you don’t know me well enough to miss me’ … I think that got the message across.

He is a nice guy and perhaps we will meet up if he comes to Mumbai … but note to boys of all nationalities…

Over texting is NOT COOL, super keen beans are NOT COOL, instantly admitting you can’t live without them NOT COOL.

Got it?!!

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