Almost Date 2 – Feel The Luurrvvee!

I found a really quirky, cheap hotel in Mcloed Gang with a quirky Kashmiri guy who was really helpful in telling us what to do, where to go and asked us ‘tonight you want to make a party? We make a party here! You buy beers, I buy beers, we make party!’

Woopee I thought, party time! (Varanasi, Darjeeling and Kolkata had been seriously lacking quality party time) AND this town has Cider! First Cider in almost 2 months, I LOVE cider.

So the night arrived, we bought beer, we bought cider.  We had a pack of cards, the rules to Kings Cup and an iPod full of tunes. The night was young… but before long I realised Mr Kashmiri guy was giving me and my beaver (no pun intended!) more attention than most.

It’s the eyes that scare me the most, I think I have mentioned the Indian stare before and sure I will mention it again, but they burn into you, nothing can break it … hardcore! Scary!

After a few more stares, he moved closer and asks…

‘can you feel the love between us. I would like to make the love with you. When I feel the love, I like to tell people and hope you feel the love too. You make the love with me and you won’t be leaving tomorrow, you will want to stay. I will change your life! Let’s make the love’

Ok so maybe this one wasn’t a ‘date’ as such, more a night of luurrvee! Needless to say, I sadly turned him down, I wasn’t feeling ‘the love’ and I was leaving the next day! Sorry, Mr Kashmiri guy.

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