Easy tips for capturing great holiday photos

I would like to start this post by saying I am not a professional photographer and so my tips are self taught or tips from friends and therefore… really EASY to learn! All these photos were taken today on my iPhone on a day cycling and walking around Copenhagen, so though they may not be the best photos I have ever taken they were done quickly and easily, following these easy steps.

Close ups

Get in close for certain images, zoom in on one area, a chair with a view behind it or a close up of a door or a quirky foreign sign, or maybe even just half a sign. If you’re using your phone, they generally don’t zoom well anyway, so get in close! Copenhagen Door


Capture something looking up, get on your knees, lie down on the ground and you’re sure to get a different image to the standard. Alternatively stand on a chair and look down or take a photo from something directly above. Absalon hotel Denmark  Faces

People get bored of seeing the same smiling face in the middle of every shot! Though you want to be in some of your holiday photos, you don’t need to be in all of them. Maybe just get your feet, or your hand or half your face in a shot and it will instantly look a bit quirkier. view of Copenhagen


There is a real art to photographing food well and I am definitely not an expert, however I generally find that photographing food from the side and close up often works better. Flashes rarely do any good so it can be hard to get a decent image in a dark restaurant but often with a bit of creative Instagram filtering after you can make any meal look delicious. meatpacking district Denmark

Bum to the sun

This is a classic and I am told time and time again by my boyfriend to get my bum to the sun when taking photos. With your bum to the sun you won’t get weird shadows on your pictures and it should be naturally lighting up your image. Unless you want a quirky shadow or sun shot, then that’s a different matter!   IMG_3206 It is really easy to take great holiday snaps without a fancy camera. Just a bit of creative thinking is all it takes and practice practice practice. I am definitely still learning and get really excited when I take a quirky shot. Do you have any more tips I should try? This post was sponsored by Inntravels holidays in Switzerland who are promoting slow travel. Something I couldn’t agree more with. Take it slow, take in every moment and though capturing your holiday memories is important, don’t spend your whole holiday behind the lens! You can enter to win a fancy camera to help with your holiday snaps with The Travel Magazine.

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