How to own a slice of your own island… for reals!

Last month a few travel bloggers had some of us taken for a ride in one of the most lustworthy April Fool’s jokes ever. Hundreds of bloggers across the world were wishing, hoping, dreaming it was true… but alas Dylan and friends had us all fooled. The Travel Massive Island was not to be. Tears and screams of sorrow were heard from one internet cafe to another as bloggers continued their busy lives of blogging while travelling on shared islands and shared tourist spots. Boring!?

This week Travelettes published their tips on how to buy your own island, and though all possible and true, sadly it is out of most bloggers budgets. The *wails* continue.


But guys don’t panic…

all is not lost! It IS still possible to own your own island and it IS affordable!

The Bohemia Island, Stor Grötholmen, in Sweden is currently for sale… well shares of it. For a tiny €2.000 you can own your own share alongside 99 other dreamers.

The island idea was started by Bohemia Birds, a Dutch bucket list travel agency, as a unique crowdfunding campaign.

The island holds 5.5 acres, two cabins and a boat and is located in a large lake in mid west Sweden. If you own a piece of the island, you are able to spend up to 20 days there during the summer (May to September) and 15 days during the winter. Bohemia will be the world’s first crowd-funded private island. Being part of Böhemia means being part of an international community of innovative people and getting access to our own Swedish private island Stor Grötholmen.

Bohemia island

So do you want to own a slice of paradise? 

For everyone who is interested there will be a Böhemia info session Meetup!

When: 12th of May at 7pm
Where: HEJ Coffee Sweden – 1 Bermondsey Square, London SE1 3UN

Sign up

So who is in? Anyone plan on buying a private island? I’m tempted myself, though failing that… can I have an invite please??

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