Four great getaway ideas for couples

If you’re someone who’s into travel you might be planning on a romantic getaway for you and your partner. We Brits love a good holiday, but we get precious little time these days to get away as much as we’d like. As a couple too, it’s important to have some time for yourselves.

bJetting off for a romantic week or weekend together is a great opportunity and one that should be cherished. Of course in that scenario, you might need to come up with ways to keep yourself entertained at the airport. If this isn’t something that interests you perhaps you could do something more locally, so you don’t have to fly.

But where to start? Well, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of holiday options around these days. It’s best to consider what you and your partners preferences are. This will help you to pick the ideal sort of holiday for the two of you. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

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Four great getaway ideas for couples

1. Stay in an Exotic Villa

Who doesn’t love the idea of spending time in an exotic villa? I know I do! You get to enjoy idyllic views, a beautiful swimming pool and luxurious accommodation. What better way to spend some quality couple time together than jetting off to Asia?

You can check out the Hoi An accommodations while you’re there and find the perfect villa for you. This seems to me like the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing holiday. You still have the opulence of a hotel, but you can enjoy more space, and set your own rules and itineraries. Take advantage of this kind of opportunity now, before it’s no longer available to you.


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2. Find a unique Bed and Breakfast

If you’d rather something a little closer to home, you could always enjoy a local bed and breakfast for the weekend. There are many b&bs scattered all across the country. Many are average, but some are of the highest quality. The great thing about b&bs, I think, is that they’re inexpensive and can provide great luxury. But more than that, they offer convenience. You’re not shackled to the place for the whole of your trip. If you wanted to have an active weekend break, this allows you to go out and do things. And you know you’ve got somewhere romantic to come back to in the evening.

3. Get outside and go Glamping

There’s a new fad on the scene, and it’s called glamping. Simply put, it’s glamorous camping. The idea being you get the benefits of camping, but the accommodation and facilities are of a higher quality. Glamping is particularly popular among younger people and young couples. And the advantage of it is that it’s a great transition into actual camping.

I personally love to go camping. But these days many people find camping to be too much. They miss the mods and cons they have at home, and so they’re unable to enjoy their time. Glamping is a good way to ease into the process. If either you or your partner haven’t been camping before, glamping would be ideal.

4. Stay in a Posh Hotel

Of course, the classic couple getaway is to stay in a posh hotel. I remember loving the idea of relaxing and enjoying being pampered. You have the option of ordering champagne and room service. And you can just enjoy being together as a couple. The great thing about using a posh hotel is that you can treat it as a luxury. It’s not something you would normally do, and this makes it more special.

Spending romantic time together as a couple is important. It’s important for communication and for keeping the romance alive. A holiday together is a great way to do this. Whether you’re flying abroad or staying local, it’s important to have getaways now and then.

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