Is it worth travelling abroad right now? PCR Testing

Are you wondering whether you should be travelling abroad right now or not? The rules are constantly changing, the Covid numbers seem to be increasing and the guidelines are different in every country.

Travel is definitely difficult right now, especially if your a keen to go abroad. The number of cases keep going up and down in every country and you don’t know from one day to the next what you will be allowed to do or not when you get to your destination.

My heart goes out to everyone who works in the travel industry, from pilots and air stewards, to airport workers and shops, to all the many many small businesses who rely on tourism for their income. Hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops and activity brands. So many have lost out the last 18 months.

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So, Is it worth travelling abroad right now?

It really depends on your wants and needs as to whether travel right now is a good idea for you. I really think we should be supporting the many travel businesses who have struggled, however safety must always come first.

I haven’t travelled abroad myself yet, but know friends who have. Here are a few tips on things to consider and remember when travelling right now.

Aim for the countries on the UK Green List

The Government is constantly assessing and changing which countries are on the Green, Amber or Red list.

Currently, if a country is on the Green List it means you don’t need to quarantine when you get back home and only need to do a Covid test on or before day 2 after your arrival. Obviously if your test is positive you will have to self isolate.

The Green list is constantly changing, so keep an eye on the Government’s website for updates.

Book your PCR Test

Whether you are going to a Green list country and just need one PCR Test or you are heading to an Amber country where 10 days and multiple Covid test are required, you will need to organise your PCR Test.

A lateral flow test won’t work for your release, you will need to find an official Test to Release provider.

I recommend booking your tests needed in advance so you know it is sorted for when you get back and you can be ‘released’ and free as soon as possible!

Check the rules in the country you are travelling to

Just because a country is on the Green list for travel to and from the UK, it doesn’t mean that country will actually let you in. For example New Zealand is still not allowing visitors and there might be restrictions in other countries when you get there which means you can’t do much.

Keep a close eye on Covid number in the country you are visiting and what restrictions may be in place so you know what to expect when you arrive.

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Book private accommodation if possible

Even in countries with low numbers it is still important to adhere to social distancing measure where possible. Take your masks and plenty of hand sanitiser.

Where possible book private accommodation. There are many villas, Airbnbs and private homes who would love a booking right now.

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What I would give to feel the heat on my back as I stroll along a sandy beach, eating a gelato. I guess if the sun ever comes back I could do this in the UK. For now I am staying close to home and will reassess later in the year.

Do you think you will be travelling abroad this summer?

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