My Ultimate Winter Sun Destinations!

It’s common knowledge that many of us feel low or sad in the winter months. There are loads of explanations as to why, but most tend to agree: it’s to do with the weather.

The sheer lack of warmth and sunshine from November to February means that some of us are left longing for sunshine. I know I certainly get this feeling, does anyone else?!

So, as there’s still a good couple of wintery months to get through (and we’re suffering from the January blues) I thought I’d do my bit and round up my Ultimate Winter Sun Destinations, in partnership with Voyage Prive, to inspire your next trip. Head to these places to get a well-deserved dose of vitamin D in the cold, dark, winter months (and make everyone on your Facebook feed green with envy, too).

So here are my ultimate winter sun destinations…

Ras Al-Khaimah

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know I love this alternative UAE destination. Ras Al Khaimah is it’s own city and is much cheaper (and more interesting!) than it’s bigger sister, Dubai. You can read my reasons why you should in stay Ras Al-Khaimah over Dubai here, but for the purposes of this post, trust me, this is a FAB holiday destination. The weather is suitably great this time of year with humidity low and temperatures ranging between 26-29°C; ideal for exploring or relaxing in a beach resort, too.


Another sun-soaked destination this time of year is Zanzibar. It’s hot, beautiful and the white, milky water is so warm it’s like having a bath in the sea! Even the cows come to join you for a stroll on these stunning beaches. And when you’re not on the beach? There is so much to do, even just strolling through the towns and taking pictures of the beautiful doors (and maybe posing in front of a few) is a great way to pass the time. The people are incredibly friendly and hospitable, too. You can read my five things to do in Zanzibar or if you want to book something soon, check out Voyage Prive and their great winter sun holidays.


Have you ever considered Mexico to get your dose of summer vibes in the midst of winter? Popular destinations like Cancun are the obvious choice, but The Guardian recently wrote about Rincón de Guayabitos as an ideal beach destination this time of year. And now it’s firmly on my list. Less touristy than the more well-known destinations and a popular holiday spot with locals, all you need to do is brush up on your basic Spanish and get the flights booked! The top temperatures this time of year are around 28-29°C, so it’s definitely up there with exciting, authentic places to get that well-needed boost of warmth and sunshine.

Sri Lanka

The last two are for those of you (like me) with a more adventurous side. Sri Lanka has it all. Dusty pink sunrises, golden sunsets, rocky landscapes if you’re into hiking, and some of the best-tasting food on the planet. You can do adventurous stuff like whale watching, National Parks, exploring in caves or even shark-spotting. Or if you’re just going for the beaches, food and sun then heading to a dreamy resort is a great option, too. I stayed in Hikkaduwa, a small beach town on the West coast and you can read all about my adventures in Sri Lanka if you so wish! Or again check Voyage Prive who currently have winter-sun offers that include Sri Lanka and some other epic destinations, too.


If you’ve not yet been to Africa, then maybe Kenya is a great place to start! I LOVED pretty much everything about my trips to this incredible continent, but am yet to visit Kenya. Don’t worry if you’re not the adventurous type. You can still visit Africa to chill-out in the most incredible, serene surroundings, too (just look at the picture below, how stunning?!). In Kenya, summer is from December to March which makes it the ideal winter getaway. Not yet been on a real safari? Then maybe this is your year! I’ll never forget the first time I saw elephants in the wild in Botswana. It is a bucket-list item which everyone should get ticked off, and if you’re feeling the need for summer sun then why not just go for it!

I hope my Ultimate Winter Sun Destinations have inspired your next travel plans! Where do you escape to get some sunshine? Any other great locations I’ve missed?

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And if that’s not enough?

Check out the top 5 best places for winter sun holidays according to Voyage Prive.

There are some fantastic recommendations in this infographic too, made by Voyage Prive who actually have a winter sun sale on at the moment! Maldives anyone?

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  1. Thanky Jen,
    Just reading the blog and looking at the photos makes me feel better, albeit a little more impatient as I still have 7 weeks to go before my first warm / hot sunshine trip of the year. Ah well never mind just reread your blog over and over.
    Ken xx

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