Uplifting Positive Playlists on Spotify to Improve Your Mood

I don’t know about you, but it’s positive playlists on Spotify are keeping me going right now!

We can find music to go with every mood, tunes for when we’re sad, music for when we’re angry and music for when we are partying the night away. Even if we might just be partying the night away in our pyjamas, in our living rooms right now!

Music can make us cry, music can help us focus and music can lift us up and improve our mood just when we need it.

There has been more than one occasion over the last few weeks when I have needed a little pick me up and music is often the answer (otherwise the answer is wine… or ice cream!). There’s nothing like a bit of prancing about the house to Aretha Franklin to improve your mood. Right?!

I’ve enjoyed listening to lots of new music over the last few weeks, but it’s the old faithfuls that always cheer me up.

Here are my top positive playlists I’ve been listening to on Spotify to help lift me up when skies are grey!

Uplifting Positive Playlists on Spotify to Improve Your Mood

1. Happy Days – by Emily Coxhead

From Paulo Nutini to S Club 7 to the Beatles and Shaggy. This 100 song positive playlist is guaranteed to lift your mood and make you smile. I think I’ve listened to this approximately 55 times in the last few weeks! Thanks for pulling it together Emily!

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2. She Means Business Inspiration Playlist – by Carrie Green

For anyone who knows me I am a big fan of Carrie Green, her members club for female entrepreneurs, her book and now her playlist too. It’s full of Oomph and that kick you need to be productive, work on your business, go for a run, do the dishes or whatever you want to get done!

Lots of female power houses (and male) singing inspirational songs to get you moving!

Add She Means Business Inspirational Playlist to your Spotify Library

3. Thank You Thursday – NHS Playlist

This positive playlist is filled with lovely tunes to thank those we love, to thank those working so hard. It will remind us why we are so thankful for the NHS and all those working to keep our country moving right now.

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4. Glastonbury 2019 by Paul Farrugia from GlobalHelpSwap

If I need to be taken back to happy times I just need to pop on this Glastonbury playlist. I listened to this around 500 times last year in the lead up to Glastonbury 2019. Then again many times afterwards to remember those days in the sunshine. Days surrounded by thousands of people, listening to live music, prancing around or dozing in the shade with music of all genres playing in my ears.

There may not be a Glastonbury this year but this playlist will remind us there will be another one! If anyone knows of any good 2020 Glastonbury playlists for what ‘would have been’ send them my way!

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Glastonbury 2019 Playlist Uplifting Positive Playlists on Spotify to Improve Your Mood

5. Feelin’ Good by Spotify

This is one of Spotify’s official playlists. It’s a good one, mainly filled with MoTown music and a few other positive tunes! MoTown is a genre that always makes me smile and want to sing along!

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6. Self Compassion – Museum of Happiness

This playlist was put together by Vicki, one half of the Museum of Happiness Founders and was played during my Happiness Course they delivered. It’s full of positive, self love tunes. It’s more calming than the others… except for the ‘Love Train’ which is sure to make you want to get up and dance 🙂

Add Self Compassion Playlist to your Spotify

So there are my top 6 positive playlists on Spotify that I am basically just playing on repeat throughout the day to keep me perky!

Do you have any Positive Playlists on Spotify to add to the list?

Uplifting Positive Playlists on Spotify to Improve Your Mood

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