4 incredible places you can visit on a Fantasia Cruise line ship

Kicking back and travelling in style is one of my favourite things to do, and there’s a surprising amount of benefits to doing this aboard a cruise ship. I know, many people assume a cruise ship will be full of stuffy old folk in dinner dresses, but they are actually a lot of fun.

Particularly when you are visiting an exciting destination, there are incredible views, 5-star food and plenty of amusement to make the actual journey the experience. The melting pot of people from a wide range of different countries make up the clientele on a cruise liner, and all age groups are represented. Here is a guide to 4 completely different, and equally vibrant and exciting places you can visit on a Fantasia Iglu Cruise ship.


Barcelona, Spain

Famous for its incredible, trippy architecture, Barcelona is a must-see destination. The capital of Catalonia is part-ancient city, part-fun arty destination, riven with exciting shops, street art and the biggest indoor market in Europe: La Boqueria.

Travel blog guide to a cruise and its cities: Barcelona

With its international port, Barcelona is a truly colourful and vibrant city, full of interesting people, places and things that will make a Mediterranean cruise truly unforgettable.

Dubai, UAE

One of the most famously opulent cities in the world, a trip to Dubai on a cruise ship offers stunning coastline, exclusive shopping and a chance to view some of the most dynamic architecture of anywhere in the world.

Travel blog guide to a cruise and its cities: Dubai

Set against the backdrop of delightful desert, Dubai is a characteristic city that throngs with people and is a jewel on any Middle Eastern cruise.

Rome, Italy

Sprawling, cosmopolitan and romantic, Rome is an art lover’s dream. With waterways and winding streets, a lovely break from the cruise ship is getting around Rome on foot. Cobbled streets to get lost in, designer shops and a classy way of life, simply soaking up the atmosphere in Rome will leave you wanting more. Remember to throw a coin in the Trevi fountain to secure your return to this inspirational capital.


Muscat, Oman

Lined with mountains and deserts, the city of Muscat is characterised by minarets, Portuguese forts and tradition-steeped buildings, whilst also offering some of the most diverse shopping facilities.

Entering into the bay area, dolphins are commonly seen, making it a place of carving fantastic memories for your cruise.

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