Colours, flavours, scents, sounds and nights out in Kathmandu

Arriving from Abu Dhabi’s western hotels, toilets, shops and taxis was somewhat of a CULTURE SHOCK to say the least. Making the fatal error of not using the clean Etihad toilets meant bursting for the loo I headed to the airport toilets. Well, I had been warned, 6 toilets later and I had still not found one that was worthy of my derrière! Hover and shake it is! (NB: talking toilets, shits and smells is common place when travelling in Asia, I do hope I haven’t offended…)

One of the better toilets of Nepal

The city was filled with the sound of beeping horns, slowly you begin to learn what each beep means

Beep – Move out the way

Beeeeeep – Move out the f**king way

Beep beep beep – I am about to overtake you (probably on a blind bend)

B Beep – Hey how ya doin’

Beepity beep beep – You’re hot!

I’ll let you know if I learn anymore as my travels continue.

Thamel is the heart of Kathmandu, or at least the tourist centre. There are about 5 businesses and 20 signs every metre as you walk through the crowded multi coloured, bustling, higgledy piggledy streets. Street vendors selling jewellery, harem pants, prayer flags and other cultural trinkets invite you into their shop offering the ‘local price’. We moved on through them, plenty of time for shopping later and stopped at the first bar we came to ‘Mya Cocktail bar’ and hey it was two for one cocktails until 10 pm. Now, this is what a first night on holiday is about. We ordered some food, LOTS of cocktails and so the night continued, drinking, dancing and erm playing the trumpet…

professional trumpet player don’t ya know?!

For good nights out in Thamel, Kathmandu, I recommend the following hot spots

  1. Mya Cocktail Bar – 241 cocktails 6-10pm every day. Good Mexican burritos, wide range of drinks and occasionally have the football on.
  2. Buddha Bar – chilled out bar, range of cocktails, quite dark, lots of cushions and serve shisha.
  3. De La Soul – small but full of travellers on weekends. Great reggae DJ on a Saturday night, rest of the week quieter.
  4. Fire Club – The main club of Thamel, even with a decent sized dance floor. Lots of locals attend, has been known to be described as a ‘sausage fest’ but good place to go and dance if pop and trance take your fancy. Requests also welcome.

Don’t be surprised when places shut at 12 am. Fire Club or other places might stay open a bit later if they are busy enough, but so far I haven’t found any all nighters. Guest House roof terraces seem to be a popular alternative if you want to continue the party.

Read all about my experiences trekking to Everest Base Camp and Volunteering in Nepal.

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