Feel Good, Do Good: Week 1 of my new series

Hello and welcome to my new weekly series ‘Feel Good, Do Good’, where each week I am going to share all the things that make me feel good and all the things I think are doing good for others and the world.

I hope my little journey of recognising what it is that makes me feel good each week and what I do that is good in the world could in turn help you realise or take note too.

I’m determined to do more for others and the world, be that using less plastic, doing more volunteering or being kinder to others. I think it’s often the little things that add up to mean the most in life and hopefully monitoring my progress each week will help inspire me (and maybe you) to do more good.

The last couple of months have been tough, recovering from a broken wrist and then surgery, but I’ve also had some incredibly FUN times that have left me feeling fabulous and I don’t want to forget these either.

So I hope you enjoy my weekly updates on what’s made me feel good and what I’ve done to do good each week.

Feel Good Do Good Life - week 1

Feel Good, Do Good – Week 1

Feel Good: Hanging out with blogging ladies

This weekend I’ve been hanging out in a loft apartment in Shoreditch with lots of lovely blogging ladies and it’s been truly inspiring and lots of fun. I’ve come away inspired and raring to go with the blog and with some new friends too. Yay! Oh and hanging out with Louie the Frenchie too, dogs always make me feel good!

Feel Good Do Good Life - week 1

Do Good: Running a creativity session at The Blogger Course Weekender

I don’t know if this is clutching at straws (paper ones of course) for a ‘do good’ but the blogging girls say it definitely counts. I love running my creativity sessions and hope I made everyone on the course realise they ARE creative! And they’ve had some fun in the process too.

The Blogger Course weekender creativity session

Feel Good: Treating myself to a fancy hotel and sleeping 11 hours a night

I was sooo tired this week, so tired I had tears on the train home on Wednesday night and after spending less than 10 hours at home before I departed again for another 6 days, I decided I needed to treat myself and so booked into a lush hotel in London to sleep, sleep, sleep the nights away between the Blogger Course weekender.

Feel Good: Eating DoubleTree cookies

Who doesn’t feel good when eating cookies? I booked a Double Tree hotel for the sole reason that I love their cookies (ok they have comfy beds too). Secret tip… you can keep asking for more cookies throughout your stay! (Though once an ambassador for DoubleTree hotels I am not just a big fan and pay full price to stay there myself).

Feel Good: Being on BBC World News

Last week I was invited back for a short interview on BBC World News. Honestly I love it! People ask if I get nervous but I don’t really, I feel confident in the topics I’m discussing (often Digital Advertising or blogging) and I’m just on such a high afterwards. Wooo… give me more!

Feel Good Do Good Life - week 1 BbC World interview

Do Good: Support for the charity I am a trustee for

I’m a trustee of two charities and try to give much time as I can to them. Last week was an important meeting for one charity about the direction we are heading and this week I have the first proper trustee meeting of my new role as one of the Founding trustees for The Peak District National Park Foundation. There are so many charities looking for trustees and it’s a great way to support a charity regularly, without a weekly commitment.  

Feel Good: Getting my cast off on Monday!

If you follow my Instagram stories you’ll know that I’ve been struggling with my broken wrist the last few weeks, it’s been painful, I’ve had to have surgery, time off work and I can’t drive for at least another month. But last week I got my cast off and things are looking up. I’ve got some movement back and can just about type with two hands again. Woohoo!

It’s made me really appreciate how much we take for granted when we have full working limbs and more conscious of those who don’t. Make sure you give up your seat on the tube (bus/train) to those more in need folks, it’s amazing how many people don’t!

Feel Good Do Good Life - week 1

Feel Good: Getting home after so long away

There’s nothing better than getting into your own bed after so long away and snuggling up to the one you love. Feel so content when I’m at home with my Jolly Olly. Used to think contentment wasn’t a word I’d ever use to describe myself, but as much as I’m always striving for new things I’m really pretty darn content with life right now, just the way it is.

The not so good…

It’s not all feeling and doing good every week. So I want to measure some of the things that don’t make me feel too good too.

All the plastic from a Busaba takeaway

On the Saturday after the Blogger Course I stuck around the awesome loft apartment where we had been chatting blogging all day to join them for a spot of takeaway. We ordered Thai from Busaba Eathai and it was delicious, but OMG so much plastic! Every dish came in a big round plastic bowl, with a big plastic lid and at the end we all just looked at it and felt a bit dirty!

I really want to try harder, and I think that’s just the point, it takes effort sometimes to do more good in the world, because it’s often not the easy way! Hopefully each week this blog post will show a bit more progress.

Feeling tired

In all honesty, I’ve probably over done it with working since my surgery. Though after some inner fight I gave myself a couple of extra days off to recover. I was back on it the following week, not wanting to let people down (and not wanting to not earn any money), but oh my I was sooo tired. But now I’ve made it through I’m ok. Lesson to myself to give myself enough down days!

So week one is complete and I’m not sure I’ve done that great at the ‘Do Goods’ but promise to try harder next week!

Thanks for reading this far. Share your Feel Good or Do Good on Instagram or Twitter with #FeelGoodDoGoodLife and tag me @jlowthrop.

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  1. Love this idea for a blog series Jen – esp about becoming a trustee of a charity! It had never crossed my mind – in my head trustees are much older! I’ve been involved in volunteering before so this is something I’ll definitely look into!

    1. Thanks Rebecca. Really recommend being a trustee, I keep meaning to write a full post on it. I will! I’ve learnt so much, met some amazing people and helped charities in the process 🙂 win win win

    1. I was wondering what you were talking about, had to look back and see what purple jumper. It’s navy blue though haha!

  2. Great blog! I’m definitely guilty of not looking after myself and am totally exhausted by the time I decide to treat myself to a bit of me time, am def going to try and do more of this in 2019. I also hadn’t even thought about being a trustee of a charity – you’ve inspired me to start looking around my local area for possibilities. And fab little summary of the blogger course, was such a fun few days and your creativity session was brill!

    1. Yay become a trustee! I’m going to write a post with more details as it’s such a good thing more people should be aware of as an opportunity. I’ve been a trustee for about 6 charities now and each rewarding in different ways 🙂

  3. Love this blog series Jen! Makes so much sense to write it all down, as you do so much good stuff all the time. A very inspiring read. it’s amazing how much you pack it!

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